Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Innocence
Age Late 30s
Race Deity
Occupation Ratio Strategist
Japanese Voice Actor Tomokazu Sugita
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Orifiel (オリフィエル Orifieru?) is a god in Tales of Innocence who taught Himmel and joined Sensus despite being from Ratio. His reincarnation is Ange Serena.


Shortly after meeting Ange, a flashback depicting Asura's meeting with Orifiel is shown. In the scene, Asura gives Orifiel an ultimatum of being killed or surrendering, and Orifiel chooses the latter, stating he has no intention of dying, which somewhat surprises Asura, who then deduces that Orifiel came to him for another reason. Orifiel explains that Ratio distracted Asura's troops to allow civilians of a village unmarked on maps to escape, stating they were interrupted when the Sensus army attacked without warning. Asura commends Orifiel's tactician work before allowing him to escape, claiming that, when they meet again, he will show him no mercy.

A subsequent flashback depicts a scene in which Orifiel informs Asura that Himmel has been killed and questions if it was due to his own betrayal or some attempt to warn others. Asura suggests that it may have been for both reasons before mentioning that Orifiel joined him in order to save Himmel. Orifiel curses himself for having been glad when Sensus won the war, stating that he forgot about Himmel despite the fact that Himmel was still waiting for him. Asura apologizes, but Orifiel rejects this apology, claiming that Asura and Himmel's will were the same and that he will honor Himmel by serving Asura, who then vows to gain the Manifest from Cerberus.

Orifiel Skit (ToI).png

Orifiel is later shown approaching a confined Himmel, who tells Orifiel that Ratio has "strayed from the path". Orifiel agrees and informs Himmel that he has formed an alliance with Asura and will rescue him, but Himmel stresses that Orifiel will be branded a traitor as a result. However, Orifiel remains steadfast in his decision and leaves, while Himmel comments that he trusts Orifiel and knows he would never betray him. Later in the story, another flashback depicts Orifiel speaking with Himmel once more, commenting on how the Ratio leaders fail to realize the importance of reuniting Devaloka and Naraka. Orifiel vows to save Himmel and curses Himmel's predicament before Himmel comments on the twisted nature of things, citing the corrupt Ratio system and how illusionary utopia seems. Himmel states that he will wait for Orifiel forever before the screen fades to black. At optional scene depicts Orifiel being assigned by Ratio's elder council to teach Himmel, as he had just recently been reincarnated.

Appearance and Personality

Cut-in image for Houyoku Shitenshou in Tales of Innocence R.

Despite only being in his late 30s, Orifiel's appearance gives the impression that he is much older. He has graying hair, elvish ears, and dark eyes, the right of which is accompanied by a monocle. His attire consists of a large, lime-green and black cape bound around his shoulders by a belt. Underneath, he wears a gray military uniform with a red sash that wraps around his waist. He also wields a short cane. Much like his scholarly appearance suggests, Orifiel is an intellectual who was granted the privilege of instructing Himmel. His devotion to Himmel spurs many of his actions in the past, as well as ventures into the life of Ange in the present.