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Orochi Azumi
Orochi Model.png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Hometown Mizuho
Race Human
Occupation Ninja

Orochi Azumi (安積 おろち Azumi Orochi?) is a supporting character in Tales of Symphonia and the older brother of Kuchinawa Azumi. Unlike his brother, Orochi is kind and supports Sheena Fujibayashi through her doubts and guilt. Contrasting Kuchinawa's red ninja suit, Orochi wears a blue suit.


Tales of Symphonia

Early Life and Meeting the Sylvarant Foreigners

When Orochi was young, his parents offered to help Sheena Fujibayashi get the Summon Spirit Volt into making a pact with her, but because of Volt's hatred for humans, he killed most of the escorts, including his parents. Ever since their parents' death, Orochi most likely raised Kuchinawa, but while his little brother secretly fostered a grudge against Sheena, Orochi forgave Sheena for her failure.

Thirteen years after the incident with Volt, when Lloyd Irving and the party are taken to Mizuho, Orochi is the only member of the village that trusts them and Sheena's choice to reveal the village's secret location. He later invites the party into the Chief's building, where he and the other head of the village, Tiga, agree that they will move to Sylvarant after the worlds separate. Orochi also helps the party to get back the Rheards at the Renegades base in Tethe'alla in order to rescue Colette Brunel.

During Disc 2, Orochi meets Kuchinawa in the village, and is shocked to hear later that he plans to leave the village, as he in secret betrayed Mizuho to get revenge on Sheena. Depending on the player's choice, Orochi may or may not get to know this from Lloyd, but he still acts supporting to Sheena, telling her that Kuchinawa is wrong to still blame her for what happened thirteen years ago. He is the one who tells Lloyd to take Sheena to the Isle of Decision to face Kuchinawa. When the teens return, Orochi asks for Kuchinawa, but they tell him that he left. At the end of the story, after the credits, he tells Sheena he hopes for his younger brother's return.

Life after World Reunification

One year after the reunion of the world, Orochi is helping the chief Sheena during a mission to stop an insane bomber from destroying a festival outside Meltokio. When he thinks that Sheena will take the bomb to a safe place and kill herself in the explosion, he offers himself to do it, as Sheena is the chief, and because he worries that she still feel guilt for what happened with Volt. After Sheena destroys the bomb with the help of Efreet, Orochi tells her that if it ever comes to sacrifice a life, he would do it for her. Thanking him, they both prepare to believe in a good future.

Sometime after the mission, Orochi comes into an argument with Zelos, who wants to take Sheena from her duties as a chief and follow him on a new journey. Zelos mocks him for a short time before Sheena interrupts and states that she will stay. It is later revealed by the King of Tethe'alla that Zelos had actually a good reason to run from his duties as a Chosen. Seeing Sheena heartbroken, he tells her to follow him, while he takes over her duties in her absence.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Orochi has a small role in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, where he simply acts as a second-in-command for the Mizuho ninjas after Flanoir has been raided. He also appears briefly when the party visits Mizuho.

Appearance and Personality

Orochi, throughout the story, shows a kind and respectful personality, and like Lloyd, is able to see through one's faults and into the real person. He is also very supporting, which shows when he tells Sheena that the incident which killed his parents is forgiven, and that there are no reasons to hate her for it.


  • Orochi's name derives from the Japanese story, Yamata no Orochi, or Eight-Forked Serpent in English, in which orochi translates to "serpent".