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Orwin Granberg
Orwin Granberg (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Residences Toshimina
Age 34
Height 5'11" / 181 cm
Race Human
Occupation Prince of Toshimina (formerly)
Weapon Blood Sin (Love-Bloodied Fists)
Japanese Voice Actor Hiroki Yasumoto
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Orwin Granberg (オウレン・グランバーグ Ouren Guranbaagu?) is a character from Tales of Crestoria. He is an unemployed man with family, doing very little in society.


Orwin was actually the firstborn son of the previous king of Toshimina. One night, the king was dining with some random big-wigs. Bored, Orwin snuck out of the palace and wandered aimlessly through the city. Under a starry-night sky, he met a girl named Naya, who was crying over an empty stomach. From then on, a few nights a week, Orwin would sneak out some food to give to her. He offered money too, but that was the one thing she refused to accept.

When the time came for Orwin to inherit the throne, his duties, of which he claims to have little skills for, ended up overwhelming him, so he stepped down and allowed his younger brother, Bakwin, to take his place. Free of his responsibilities, Orwin married Naya, who worked at a bakery, and the two had a daughter named Aura. Unable to handle the pressure of working frequently, however, Orwin subsists primarily on Naya's earnings in the bakery. During a certain time, Toshimina was suffering from a monster devouring humans at night. During these nights, Naya would disappear right before the attacks and return with the smell of blood in her breath. Unable to accept that his wife was a murderer of her own will, Orwin went to Medagal's Ancient Life Research Center to search for the truth. There, he found out that Naya was a separate species that had the ability to shift to human form. This race is also known to have an insatiable appetite for living flesh.

Kanata Hjuger and Misella first meet him briefly in the dungeons in Medagal, where he and Raven have been imprisoned. According to Orwin, he was jailed for starting a fistfight, commenting that the drunk version of him must have had a good reason. However, he is released shortly after, saying that he will see them all again.

Orwin is next seen in Toshimina, where he has to jog Kanata and Misella's memory just to remember who he is. When he hears that the party are looking for a way inside the library, he promises of a secret way in, only to be turned down due to suspicion. Only Kanata finds him at he nearby bar at night, where the former leads the latter into a pitfall he set up years prior while planning to have Kanata arrested so that he can pay off his bar tabs. Shortly after he gets back home, however, Aura arrives with Kanata, Misella, and Vicious. Furious at what did to Kanata, Misella beats Orwin to a pulp, with Naya allowing it, hoping that it will help him learn his lesson.

The next morning, Aegis Alver and Yuna Azetta arrive at the house, where Naya gives the party a grand breakfast, much to Orwin's chagrin, as he is only given a slice of bread as punishment for the pitfall. When the family learns that they are trying to get into the library to learn more about Kasque, they suggest they use Orwin's old connections to the more restricted area, where details on Kasque are more likely to reside, in return for slaying a monster that has been devouring people. Though refusing to do so, Orwin eventually relents when Aura threatens to have him thrown out of house.

After turning up nothing for the next two days, Orwin notices undulatus clouds, which appear when the mana is especially active and always happen right before the monster appears. When he asks Naya where she was before, she simply replies she was working at the bakery, only for Orwin to reveal that he heard that she had been seen walking out. Before going to sleep, she asks Orwin to trust her.

Orwin walks out at night to find the party follow Naya into an alley. There, the mana surrounds her and she transforms into a monster. After she runs off, Orwin fights the party in order to protect her, only to be defeated. The party and Orwin then run to find Naya fighting another of her kind, the true culprit, as well as a pack of monsters flooding the area. After fighting them all off, Aura shows up at the worst possible time, leading the Man-Eating Monster to take her hostage. While in pursuit, Naya explains more of her situation, but Orwin says they will have enough time to talk as a family afterwards. After the party corners the monster, Meakyu bites his hand, releasing the unconscious Aura, allowing the group to finish him off. In a desperate attempt to win in the end, the monster commands his mana to combust. Naya steps in the way and kills him, but ends up being fatally injured. As she lays dying, Naya reverts back to her human form and asks Orwin to kill her. Since retaining her human form costs a lot of power, Naya does not want to die as a monster. Overwhelmed by grief, Orwin complies and chokes her to death. However, when Aura wakes up to realize what he had done, she uses her vision orb to condemn him. Unable to endure the pain of losing his wife, Orwin prevents the party from stopping her, allowing his own orb to be replaced with the Stain of Guilt in his eye. Orwin mopes to himself while the others fight off the enforcers that appear soon after. After Vicious confronts him, Orwin admits that he truly loved Naya, no matter what anyone said. His resolve is what allows Vicious to grant him his Blood Sin, allowing him to join the party against the enforcers.

Confused and grief-stricken, Aura's body slowly mutates into a monster, sending her in a panic. However, the transformation is quickly reverted right after Vicious touches her and she is passes out. Knowing that this means Aura inherited Naya's transformation, Orwin leaves his daughter the care of Bakwin, where she can be safe before he buries Naya in the forest north of the city. Unwilling to let Aura live her life in fear that she would one day be caught in her monster form, Orwin joins the party in their goal to change the world and destroy the vision orbs.

Appearance and Personality

Orwin has shoulder-length brown hair that covers his left eye, a slight beard, and gray eyes. Despite his unemployed status, he wears a rather stylish and expensive-looking outfit consisting of black and brown vest, black jacket, brown pants, fingerless gloves, and light blue shoes. Orwin's outfit is completed by a loose white tie around his neck. After being labelled a transgressor, the Stain of Guilt appears on his left eye.

Orwin is an affable man with a world-weary disposition. He is perpetually listless, contributing little to the society. Depressed with all the issues he has, he does nothing but drink booze. While he also has a more suggestive side, especially when it comes to Yuna, Orwin does love his family dearly.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Crestoria.

Orwin fights using his fists, creating beams of light with each strike that he incorporates in his artes. According to Aegis Alver, first comes off as sloppy, but there is sound justification for its unconventional aspects. With the aid of his Blood Sin, twin demonic gauntlets called Love-Bloodied Fists (愛故に血で濡れた拳ロストファミリー Ai yue ni chi de nureta kobushi / "Rosutofamirii"?, "Fists Wet with Blood Because of Love / Lost Family")[1], the light beams are replaced with explosions, which make him useful for exacting devastating damage, especially if the Chain Gauge is at a high enough number.


  • Orwin's birthday is April 21.
  • In-game, Orwin's Blood Sin also localized as "House Asunder".