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The Ossa Trail is a mountain path the group passes in order to reach Izoold in Tales of Symphonia. It is where Sheena Fujibayashi is first encountered and fought, as well as where the Sword Dancer can be fought for the first time.


Lloyd Irving and his companions travel to the Ossa Trail in hopes of finding a boat at Izoold to take them across the sea. Upon their arrival, they are confronted by a mysterious woman, who asks if the Chosen is among them. Colette Brunel cheerfully confesses that she is the Chosen. The woman then charges at her, but Colette falls down and accidentally hits a lever, opening a hidden passage that causes the woman to fall into it. Colette worries whether the assassin is all right, but Genis Sage assures her that she should live. Kratos Aurion then suggests that they continue in an effort to evade the assassin in case she returns.

When they arrive at the end of the trail, the assassin appears from a tunnel. Colette is relieved to find that she is okay, which frustrates the woman. The group then battles against the assassin and her summoned guardian. Upon her defeat, she disappears in a cloud of smoke. Lloyd wonders aloud why people are trying to kill Colette. Kratos confronts his comment, stating that there are always those who reject salvation. Raine Sage notices something striking about the assassin's clothes, but mumbles it to herself, and the group leaves shortly afterward.