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The Otherworldly Gate is a mysterious formation of rocks located in Tethe'alla in Tales of Symphonia. According to Altamira legend, it is possible to be transported from here to Sylvarant during the night of a full moon.


Tales of Symphonia[]

The group flies over the landmark as they make their way to Altamira. Soon in the story, Raine Sage disappears, and the group rejoins her here. She informs the party that she and her brother, Genis Sage, were born in Tethe'alla, and that her mother left them at the gate in order to send them to the "fabled land of Sylvarant". The group then uses the gate to travel to Sylvarant after being confronted by Kuchinawa. Later in the story, when the group journeys to Exire, a floating city in the sky, Raine meets her mother, Virginia Sage. They mayor of the city grants the group Virginia's diary, which explains why they were abandoned at the gate. The Imperial Research Academy in Sybak was desperate to get their hands on a young, intelligent Raine so she could be raised and granted the opportunity to study at the school.

In order to prevent the academy from reaching them, Virginia and her husband, Kloitz Sage (クロイツ・セイジ Kuroitsu Seiji?), constantly fled throughout Tethe'alla. It was while they were evading their pursuers that Raine fell from a ship and into the ocean, causing her hydrophobia. Eventually, Virginia decided to send Raine and Genis through the portal of the Otherworldly Gate, hoping to grant them a brighter future in Sylvarant. Shortly afterward, she and her husband collapsed in the Ymir Forest and were found by the mayor of Exire. Kloitz died from an illness, and Virginia was taken to Exire, where she began to lose her mind. Knowing that she abandoned them in hopes of blessing them and that she loved them, not because they were a burden, Raine and Genis lay to rest their weary history.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

The Otherworldy Gate plays a key role in transporting the heroes to the Ginnungagap. The roots of the Great Kharlan Tree are embedded below the Otherworldly Gate, which is why the gate can be used as a road between the two worlds. Tenebrae theorizes that this is why Lloyd Irving and his group were able to use the gate to travel to Sylvarant when the two worlds were separated. Tenebrae then commands Emil Castagnier to use the Sorcerer's Ring, along with his own power, to open the road to the Ginnungagap.