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The Outer Seas (異海 Ikai?, "Foreign Seas") are the term that people of the Holy Midgand Empire use for the seas outside of the kingdom's control in Tales of Berseria. The can be explored using the Expedition feature, and each location is a reference to a previous title or titles in the franchise.


Aifread's Pirates seek to explore these waters to make a map of the world and has an expedition craft. They make a deal with Velvet Crowe, who uses her gut instinct and orders using a sylphjay to tell them where to look, and then she gets whatever the expeditions bring back.


Leymon Sea

The Leymon Sea (レイモーン嵐海 Reimoon Rankai?, "Leymon Storm Seas") are a reference to Tales of the Tempest. The name refers to the Leymon race, and the description references the tempest in the game's name. The Red Jeweled Pendant treasure that can be obtained is a Pensient.

Diomell Islands

The Diomell Islands (双子島ディオメル Futagotou Diomeru?, "Twin Islands Diomell") are a reference to Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon. The islands' name and legend in the description refer to Dio and Mel, the twin protagonists of the game, and their clothes are the Twins' Clothes treasure. In the skit related to the treasure, Laphicet and Rokurou Rangetsu discuss the twin's power of mimicry.

Exsphere Sea

The Exsphere Sea (エクスフィア神海 Ekusufia Shinkai?, "Exsphere Divine Sea") is a reference to Tales of Symphonia. The name refers to the Exsphere, while the description references the Angel race and the Chosen system from the game. The Yggdrasill Goddess Statue treasure is a statue of the Martel, hailed as a Goddess by the Church of Martel and is the protector of the World Tree Yggdrasill.

Asras Sea

The Asras Sea (鬼海アスラ Kikai Asura?, "Devil Sea Asras") is a reference to Tales of Innocence. The name refers to Asura, whose name can be romanized as Asras, while the description refers to the Reborn, people who are reincarnations of prominent figures of the past and can wield immense power. The Fantastic Landscape treasure depicts the Sky Castle and the Tower of Dawn.

Kanonno Island

Kanonno Island (カノンノ春夏秋島 Kanonno Shunkashuutou?, "Kanonno Seasons Island") is a reference to the Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology series. The name and description reference to the multiple Kanonnos from the series as well as their seasonal theme, and the description also references Pasca Kanonno's amnesia. The Portrait of the Three Guardians treasure depict Mormo, Paneer, and Rocksprings, three important supporting characters who are physiologically similar.

Normin Islands

The Normin Islands (ノルミン諸島海 Norumin Shotoukai?, "Normin Islands Sea") is a reference to Tales of Zestiria. The name and description reference the Normins, while the Empyrean Tablet depicts the crests of the Empyreans.

Soma Volcano

The Soma Volcano (海上火山ソーマ Kaijoukazan Sooma?, Marine Volcano Soma) is a reference to Tales of Hearts. The name refers to Soma, important tools in the game. The Spirit Core Crystal treasure is a depiction of the Spiria Core.

Barbatos Archipelago

The Barbatos Archipelago (バルバトス群島 Barubatosu Guntou?) is a reference to Tales of Destiny 2. The name and description refer to Barbatos Goetia, who often counters the use of item with No Items Ever!. The Bone Mask treasure is Judas's iconic mask.

Force Islands

The Force Islands (フォルス諸島 Forusu Shotou?) are a reference to Tales of Rebirth. The name refers to Force, a concept and power in the game. The description refers to the Kingdom of Calegia governing the Huma and Gajuma races, while the interracial love story refers to Agarte Lindblum and Milhaust Selkirk. The Antique Tarot Cards treasure is Hilda Rhambling's cards.

Amarcian Subcontinent

The Amarcian Subcontinent (アンマルチア亜大陸 Anmaruchia-atairiku?) is a reference to Tales of Graces. The name refers to the Amarcians. The description references the Rockgagon, a mountain-sized beast who acted as both a dungeon and a boss, as well as the Turtlez, who debuted in that game. The three kingdoms refer to Windor, Strahta, and Fendel. The Valkines Cryas Trinket treasure is a depiction of the valkines cryas.

Crystaliron Sea

The Crystaliron Sea (ブレスアーツ海域 Buresuaatsu Kai'iki?, "Breatharts Sea Area") is a reference to Tales of Legendia. The name refers to the two types of Eres, Crystal and Iron. The description references the Legacy, the main setting of the game, and the Oresorens, a race that is native to the Legacy. The Oresoren Brothers treasure depicts the three Oresoren supporting characters, Quppo, Pippo, and Poppo.

Centurion Isles

The Centurion Isles (センチュリオン裂島 Sebchurion Rettou?) are a reference to Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. The name refers to the Centurions. The Crimson Crystal treasure is Ratatosk's core.

Teepo Island

Teepo Island (ティポ島 Tipo-shima?) is a reference to Tales of Xillia. The name references Teepo, one of the protagonists of the game. The description references the schism, a barrier that separated Rieze Maxia from the rest of the world, and the "Pinkist" sidequest. The Snow Glove of Growth treasure is a Lilium Orb.

Kresnik Island

Kresnik Island (クルスニク島 Kurusuniku-shima?) is a reference to Tales of Xillia 2. The name references the Kresniks, an important family in the game. The description references a sidequest where the player has to locate cats scattered throughout the world. The Glowing Gear treasure is a waymarker.

Krityan Archipelago

The Krityan Archipelago (大列島クリティア Dairettou Kuritia?, "Great Archipelago Kritya") is a reference to Tales of Vesperia. The name references the Krityan race. The description references Brave Vesperia, the brightest star in the sky. The Demon Dog refers to Repede, one of the protagonists. The Bodhi Blastia Bracelet treasure is the bodhi blastia used to empower the characters.

Cheagle Island

Cheagle Island (チーグル島 Cheagle-shima?) is a reference to Tales of the Abyss. The name references the Cheagle race. The description references "Thing", the nickname given to Mieu by Luke fon Fabre; the cheagles' ability to breath fire when equipped with the Sorcerer's Ring; the Score, which foretold the future; and the poisonous gas miasma that emitted from Auldrant's core. The Replica Key of Lorelei treasure is the Key of Lorelei while also referencing the Replicas.

Isles of Noct and Dia

The Isles of Noct and Dia (昼夜島ナハトテルン Chuuyatou Nahatoterun?, "Day-and-Night Island Nachttern") are a reference to Tales of the World: Reve Unitia. The name references the native protagonists of the game, Nahato and Terun, while the descriptions refer to the dreamlike setting of the games. The Moon and Star Earrings treasure references the shape of Nahato and Terun's heads.


Albane (アルベイン大陸 Arubein-tairiku?, "Albain Continent") is a reference to Tales of Phantasia. The name references the Albane family, a family of heroes. The description references the Eternal Sword's ability to transcend time and space. The Cleric's Staff treasure is Mint Adenade's staff.

Swordian Peninsula

The Swordian Peninsula (ソーディアン半島 Soodian Hantou?) is a reference to Tales of Destiny. The name references the Swordians, and the description refers the Atamoni religion that dominates the setting of Tales of Destiny. The Eye of Atamoni Statue treasure is a model of the Eye of Atamoni.

Quickie Peninsula

The Quickie Peninsula (クィッキー半島 Kwikkii Hantou?) is a reference to Tales of Eternia. The name references Quickie, Meredy's pet. The description references Melnics, the common language of Celestia, and Chat's ship, which is also called Van Eltia. The Model Craymel Cage treasure refers to the Craymel Cage used to cast Craymel Artes.