Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Sybakian Continent

Ozette, the Quiescent Village (森閑の村オゼット Shinkan no Mura Ozetto?) is a forested village on Tethe'alla's central continent in Tales of Symphonia.



The village resembles a giant tree, which lies in a part of the forest where Sacred Wood grows, and it is infamous for its contempt of half-elves. During the story, the village is destroyed by Cruxis for hiding the nearby dwarf Altessa. The village is also the hometown of Presea Combatir and the Pope. After the Journey of World Regeneration, Presea returns to rebuild Ozette.

Tales of Symphonia

When the group first meets Presea, she longs to return home to Ozette. They eventually leave Meltokio and arrive at the village upon exiting Gaoracchia Forest. Presea immediately runs to her house and speaks with Rodyle, whom the group does not recognize as an enemy at this point. She temporarily leaves the group to attend to her father, ignorant of the fact that he has long been dead; this is due to the parasitism of her Exsphere. The group agrees to leave her, knowing that moving her would only cause her to resist. They then travel to Altessa's House in order to obtain a Key Crest for her. After obtaining "Inhibitor Ore" from the Toize Valley Mine, Lloyd Irving and his companions return to Ozette and are immediately forced to fight Papal Knights. Afterward, Colette Brunel collapses in pain, and Presea arrives to help, only to aid Rodyle in capturing Colette.

Sheena Fujibayashi quickly summons Corrine to prevent Presea from escaping with him, and Rodyle then introduces himself as one of the Desian Grand Cardinals. After he escapes, Lloyd fixes her Key Crest, awakening Presea's true self. She returns to her house only to be shocked and confused when she discovers her deceased father. The group buries Presea's father, and she explains that a man named Vharley gave her an odd Exsphere. She wanted one so that she would be able to wield an axe in her dad's stead. Vharley introduced her to Rodyle, and she was taken to the Imperial Research Academy in Sybak, where she was experimented on by the orders of the Pope. Expressing regret that she aided in Colette's capture, she offers to join the group and help rescue her. Regal Bryant then states that he wishes to officially join the group as well. After this, Kratos Aurion appears and reveals that Rodyle has gone rogue. He advises them to ignore it since Colette is useless the way she is, but Lloyd claims to save her.

Pointing them toward the Rheairds and eastern skies, Kratos departs. The group then decides to travel to Mizuho. Upon defeating Celsius and exiting the Temple of Ice, the group witnesses a large thunderbolt strike the village in the distance. They immediately arrive at the village only to find it ablaze. Mithos, a half-elven boy, is found lying among the debris of the disaster. The group aids him, and he proceeds to explain that angels descended and attacked the village. Altessa and Tabatha arrive to inspect the damage, but upon confronting the group, Altessa quickly departs. Tabatha explains that Altessa blames himself for the destruction of the village. With Mithos in tow, the group then leaves to confront Altessa at his house nearby.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Ozette does not appear in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World; however, it is mentioned during a few optional skits, in which Presea states that Ozette is still recovering from the attack by Cruxis. The village is having trouble relocating people because of their contempt toward the Church of Martel, and no one wishes to relocate to a village with such an ideology. However, they obtained help from the Lezareno Company for reconstruction of the town, and even Genis Sage is mentioned to have lent them aid. Presea states that someday, Ozette will be ready to reopen itself to the world, and she invites Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi to visit once that happens.