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Padamiya (TotA).png
Game Tales of the Abyss
World Auldrant
Country Order of Lorelei
Region Western Hemisphere
Ruler Fon Master Ion

Padamiya is a continent of Auldrant in Tales of the Abyss. It is one of the two smallest continents, the other being Sylvana, and geographically sits in the western hemisphere. Padamiya belongs to the Order of Lorelei, a theocracy centered around the Score who remains neutral in foreign affairs.


Padamiya is a small continent partly broken by an unnamed river. It is somewhat mountainous, but an equal portion of the continent is valley-like, with some forests. Its closest continental neighbor is Radessia, but the two landmasses are not connected in any way.


  • Daath - Holds a neutral position between Kimlasca and Malkuth. The Maestros and Fon Master Ion, the voice of Daath, read the Score.
  • Daath Bay - Mostly used by those on a pilgrimage to Daath, but also serves as a stop for cargo ships. Governed by the Order of Lorelei.

Aramis Spring

An overview of the quiescent Aramis Spring.

Caverns that formed over hundreds of years. The deepest section of the water is part of the Yulia Road leading to the Qliphoth.

Aramis Spring (アラミス湧水洞?) is located at the northernmost tip of the continent, slightly northeast of Daath Bay. The outside of the mountain features one notable source of water, while the inside boasts a cave complex filled with waterways and aquatic creatures. The cavern exits at various locations scaling the cliff, eventually dipping down to a ground entrance. When Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants return to the Outer Lands from Yulia City, they arrive in Aramis Spring via Yulia Road, and there, they join Guy Cecil. Upon reaching the exit, they encounter Jade Curtiss, who reports to them that Fon Master Ion and Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear have been kidnapped. The group later meets a man named Shiba in Aramis Spring, which leads to a variety of other ventures.

Mt. Zaleho

Interior view of the scorching Mt. Zaleho.

An active volcano where ruins protecting a Sephiroth are located. Can be accessed from Daath with a fonic glyph.

Mt. Zaleho (ザレッホ火山?) is a volcano located on the southwestern part of the continent and is home to one of the Sephiroth Trees of Auldrant. It is comprised of two sides: one housing research camps with direct access to the Sephiroth and another that leads directly into the mouth of the volcano, which is a dangerously hot area filled with lava-based creatures, as well as one particularly large one that the protagonists face in battle. The group first visits Mt. Zaleho in order to access the Sephiroth. Later, they return to the volcano after Anise Tatlin betrays them and Grand Maestro Mohs forces Ion to read the Score, which proves to be too much for Ion's body to withstand. Before he disappears, Ion absorbs the miasma from within Tear's body and thanks Anise for the time they had together.