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Palmacosta (ToS).jpg
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant
Region Southeastern Continent
Ruler Governor General Dorr

Palmacosta, the Port City (港町パルマコスタ Minatochō parumakosuta?, Port-Town, Parma Costa) is the largest city in Sylvarant, as well as the only city openly rebelling against the Desians in Tales of Symphonia. Although it is not officially recognized as such, Palmacosta is often regarded as Sylvarant's capital. The city and its surrounding rural areas are governed by the Governor-General. It is also home to the highly elite school, the Palmacosta Academy. The Desian Grand Cardinal Magnius frequently terrorizes the city, prompting the residents' opposition to the Desians.


Palmacosta is largely built on small islands off the southwestern coast of Sylvarant's eastern continent. The city is filled with many canals and bridges. The only university and cathedral in Sylvarant are located here, as well as the world's largest steam ship.


Book of Regeneration

When the group first arrives in Palmacosta, Colette Brunel accidentally bumps into a woman, breaking the Palma Potion the woman was carrying. Although Colette apologizes, the apparent leader of the other group quickly becomes irritated, prompting Lloyd Irving to come to Colette's defense. Colette agrees to buy the group another bottle of Palma Potion, which forces the group to enter the nearby item shop and witness the sales clerk refusing to sell supplies to a couple of Desian soldiers, claiming that what they are offering is too low. Although the Desians threaten her, the woman states that as long as Dorr is with the city, she and others will not give in to the Desians. The soldiers then leave, and almost immediately afterward, the girl, whose name is revealed to be Chocolat, bids farewell to her mother and leaves. After purchasing a replacement Palma Potion, the group gives it to the travelers, who proceed to leave the city, mentioning that they must give a book to a man at Hakonesia Peak.

When the group goes to the center of the city, they witness a boy speaking to Dorr, the Governor-General of Palmacosta. The group learns from a nearby civilian that the boy's father was taken to the nearby Palmacosta Human Ranch. Dorr, together with his young daughter, Kilia, assures the boy that he will get his father back, and afterward, returns to his office. The group then visits the nearby church to ask the priest if he knows anything about the next seal they must reach on their Journey of Regeneration, and the priest states that the Governor-General has something called the Book of Regeneration, which was written by Spiritua, the last successful Chosen of Sylvarant, when she was on her own journey. With the book, the group would be able to locate all the seals. At Dorr's office, when the group claims to be the Chosen travelers, Dorr calls forth the city guards, accusing the group of being impostors. However, Colette trips, revealing her pink angel wings, which convince Dorr, who calls off the guards and apologizes. He then reveals that a group came just prior to their arrival and claimed to be the Chosen travelers, so he gave them the book. With no more clues, the group leaves the city and travels to Hakonesia Peak in hopes of finding the impostors.

Desian Invasion

When the group later returns to the city, they discover that Magnius and his soldiers have invaded the city, and the latter is unable to defend itself because Dorr and the city guards are away performing training exercises. In the center of the city, Chocolat's mother, Cacao, is about to be executed for Chocolat's opposition against the Desians. As Magnius enters the scene, he snaps the neck of a citizen who fails to address him as "Lord" Magnius, killing him. When Magnius orders for Cacao to be killed, a young boy throws rocks at Magnius, angering him enough to leap off the execution platform to punish him. However, Lloyd attacks Magnius despite Raine Sage's fear of Palmacosta becoming the next Iselia. One of the higher-ranked Desians then recognizes Lloyd as a wanted criminal: Number 0074, Lloyd Irving. Magnius, seeing his chance, orders a Desian mage to attack, only to be stopped by Genis. Magnius then angrily orders Cacao's execution, but before she can suffocate, Colette uses her chakram to sever the rope, rescuing her. As Magnius is distracted by the ring, Kratos Aurion rushes forth and slashes Magnius, telling him to respect the wishes of the Chosen. Upon hearing that Colette is the Chosen of Regeneration, the citizens cheer. Magnius, injured, leaves, and the group is forced into a battle with a trio of Desian soldiers.

After fighting the Desians, the group finds themselves at Chocolat and Cacao's home, where Chocolat thanks them for saving her mother. Cacao explains explains that Chocolat's grandmother was taken away and that Chocolat's father was killed in a battle against the Desians. In order to help her mother maintain the shop, Chocolat works in the church, though she does not believe Martel will come and save them when she sees all the suffering people are experiencing. Colette, however, tells Chocolat that she believes that the goddess sleeps inside them all, prompting her to find faith in Martel despite life's treacheries. Enlightened by Colette's words, Chocolat returns to her work at the church. Lloyd is astounded that someone would continue to work after such an event, but Kratos explains that it is after events like these that both those with and without faith feel a need to go on a journey in search of salvation.

Dorr and Kilia

Later, the group is provided with a choice to either go and confront Dorr about his betrayal or first go and defeat Magnius. Either way, they confront Dorr in his office, where they catch him talking to a Desian. As the Desian leaves, Dorr notices Lloyd and the others. What they say depends on what choices the player makes, but Dorr then shows the group his wife, Clara, who has become mutated like Marble. Dorr explains that, when his father was a Governor-General, his rebellious attitude made the Desians kill him and plant a "demon seed" in Clara as a warning. However, Dorr and the Desians made a deal: if Dorr cooperated with them, they would give him medicine to remove the seed. After a furious argument with Lloyd, Colette attempts to soothe Dorr by telling him that Martel lives within him. Kilia, however, stabs Dorr from behind, claiming that Martel would never lend her aid to an inferior human being. She then reveals herself to be a monster-like creature and half-elf servant of Pronyma, leader of the Desian Grand Cardinals. She was ordered to observe the new human cultivation technique Magnius had developed. In the process, she killed Dorr's daughter, the real Kilia, and took her place without Dorr ever noticing.

The group then fights Kilia and defeats her. However, before dying, she unlocks the nearby cell, hoping that Clara will kill them. As Lloyd cannot bring himself to take another innocent life, Colette steps forward and tells Clara to stop. Clara listens to her and leaves. Dorr, in his last minutes, asks if his real daughter is truly dead. Lloyd, pitying the man, lies and tells him that his real daughter is apparently alive, much to Colette and Genis's displeasure. Raine then tries to heal him, but she is unsuccessful, as Dorr's wound proves to be too dire. Before he dies, Dorr asks Lloyd and the others to return Clara to her human form and save Chocolat. When everything is solved with the human ranch and Dorr, Neil informs the group that he will take the job as the new Governor-General and watch over the prisoners from the ranch while Dirk removes the Exspheres implanted in them.

Later Events

When the group manages to transport themselves back to Sylvarant, they fall close to the port city and decide to visit Neil in order to see how things are going. Upon meeting with him, Neil informs them that there have been sightings of Desians at the Palmacosta Human Ranch lately, though his troops have failed to find anything. Fearing that Desians have begun operating there again, the group travels there to investigate, leaving Mithos with Neil. Later, when the Giant Kharlan Tree becomes unstable after Sheena Fujibayashi's forming a pact with Luna and Aska, the Summon Spirits of Light, the tree attacks and destroys Palmacosta, killing countless numbers of people. In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Clara becomes the Governor-General of the city, and Chocolat manages the item shop by herself.