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Pasca Kanonno
Pasca Kanonno (1).jpg
Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
Hometown Pasca
Age 15
Height 158 cm
Weight 44 kg
Race Descender
Occupation Descender of Pasca
Weapon Broadsword
Japanese Voice Actor Haruka Kudo
English Voice Actor Lara Cody
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Kanonno (カノンノ Kanonno?) is the main female character of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. She is a girl that suffers from amnesia and is a member of a guild named Ad Libitum. She is sometimes worried about her femininity, but has really never thought about boys. Chester Burklight sees his late sister in her, and tries desperately to act so much of a brother as possible, something that may make Kanonno nervous. Other than that, she seems like she likes everybody, and has grand connections with the Protagonist and Mormo.

In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 and Radiant Mythology 3, Kanonno appears within the game as Pasca Kanonno (パスカ・カノンノ Pasuka Kanonno?), differentiating herself from Kanonno Earhart and Kanonno Grassvalley, all of whom share a similar physical appearance. In other titles such as Tales of Link, her name is shortened to either P. Kanonno (P・カノンノ?) or Pasca (パスカ Pasuka?).


Pasca Kanonno official character art by Minoru Iwamoto

First Meeting

She is first met when the Protagonist and Mormo hear a scream and save her from a soldier of Ganser in the Foot of the World Tree. After saving her, Chester comes and reveals her name; Kanonno. From there on, after moving to Ailily, it is told that she is a gentle girl who is admired by all for her gentleness and optimism, and that she is trusted by many in Ad Libitum. When the Protagonist and Mormo become apprentices for joining the guild, Kanonno is there to teach them everything about the guild, and explains how it works. As time goes in Ailily, Kanonno develops a strong friendship with the Protagonist and Mormo, telling them about her past as an amnesiac, and her dream about finding her home and protect it from the Devourer. When the Protagonist and Mormo found out that Kanonno was gone, they were shocked. They knew she was caught by Ganser.


Soon enough, however, when Doplund is about to help Ailily against Ganser, Kanonno is taken hostage to the Orphic Maze, accused for being a spy. When there is time to bring the sacrifices for the Devourer, Kanonno protects the little girl and her father from being taken. As she is about to be seized to be sacrificed first the Protagonist and Mormo come and save her. She takes the other prisoners out to safety, but not before telling them that she will see them afterward.

Freeing Ailily

After the Protagonist and Mormo free Ailily from Ganser, they meet up with Kanonno, who is happy to see them all right. They learn that the path to Doplund has opened, and Kanonno says that she will go there in search of her memories. The Protagonist, Mormo, and Kanonno agree to travel together after bidding goodbye to everyone. When the group finally made it to Doplund, they meet Garr Kelvin and Philia Felice. Their last job was to defeat the monsters that are blocking the path to Gavada. They performed the job, but Kanonno isn't quite happy.

Enter Gavada

After realizing that Doplund is not her home, Kanonno follows the heroes to Gavada. Upon entering the area, they get to hear from Eugene Gallardo and Annie Barrs that the citizens of Gavada live in false peace after a woman named Aurora took control of the place. After hearing the name, Kanonno begins acting weird, seeing weird visions and hearing voices in her head, as if something is trying to stop her from remembering her past.

The Truth

Artwork for Tales of the Rays.

After Kanonno gets help to get her memories back by Harold Berselius, Kanonno becomes so terrified that she runs away. The Protagonist and Mormo look for her in Gavada but in vain. Then, while they are in Weald in Doplund, they encounter Kanonno, who then tells them that she told herself to never see them again. She then explains that she used to be a Descender of a world called Pasca. However, the people of Pasca were constantly at war, and the mana began to fade. In desperation, Kanonno destroyed humanity in Pasca. Regretting her action later on, Widdershin found her and promised her that Pasca would be reborn if she joined helped him, and so she did by letting Gilgulim devour her world. She continued to help Widdershin and Aurora to weaken other worlds' World Trees and let Widdershin's world consume them, until they came to the World Tree of Terresia. The latter was too strong, though, and sent Kanonno off, giving her amnesia. She was found and taken care of by Chester.

The Protagonist and Mormo are shocked about this but insist that Kanonno has not changed even though she got her memories back. However, Kanonno's wish for getting Pasca back makes a new node of Gilgulim sprout out, and Kanonno challenges the Protagonist for a fight in order to protect it. After the battle, Kanonno has a mental breakdown. Seeing the Protagonist and Mormo forgive her, however, she returns, realizing that it is with the Protagonist and Ad Libitum's side she wants to be on.


Artwork for Tales of Link.

When the Protagonist, Mormo, and Kanonno go to the Foot of the World Tree to stop the mana consumption, they meet up with Aurora, who tells them about her own past as a Descender. She tells Kanonno that Widdershin might forgive her betrayal if she returns now, but she passes. Aurora will then challenge the party into a fight. After defeating Aurora, Kanonno says that she will try to stop the mana in Terresia from flowing over to Gilgulim while the Protagonist and Mormo go to stop Widdershin. They promise that they will meet again, and that Kanonno is sure they will make it. After Widdershin is defeated, she meets up with them again, and they then witness all the mana from the worlds Gilgulim consumed being freed in the form of fruit from Terresia's World Tree. Kanonno finds the seed of her world Pasca, just as Mormo finds the seed for his world Yaoon. After saying goodbye to the Protagonist, Kanonno and Mormo leave Terresia.

Appearance and Personality

Kanonno is a kind, gentle girl who cares about everyone, having an optimism which endears all who meet her. She has strong views about protecting people and, though she does not remember her past, wishes to find her hometown in order to protect it. She is shown to have pink hair tied into braids and green eyes and a black headband with a bulb. She wears a white, black and yellow dress with black stockings with white and yellow shoes.

Fighting Style

Kanonno uses a broadsword in battle, and she is capable of using magic. She has her own set of spells and unnamed artes that are unique to her character within the game, but her counterpart from Radiant Mythology 2, Kanonno Earhart, uses named versions of the same attacks. In Radiant Mythology 3, Kanonno uses artes from the other Kanonnos.

Other Appearances

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3.

Pasca Kanonno appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 as a playable character after the main story. After Bruiser Khang and Lilith Aileron have been recruited in the arena, Kyle Dunamis and Judas talk with each other about the champion of the arena. The Protagonist, Kanonno Grassvalley, Kanonno Earhart, and Niata interrupt this conversation and surprise Kyle when he sees the two Kanonnos, remembering that the champion in the arena was named "Kanonno". The group then decides to head to the arena to find "Kanonno". She is immediately encountered when the player selects any arena battle.

After successfully defeating her in her arena battle, Earhart and Grassvalley are both surprised to see that "Kanonno" has the same face as them, and Niata immediately recognizes her as Pasca Kanonno. Heading back to the Van Eltia with Pasca accompanying them, Niata tells Ange Serena and Harold that Pasca will be joining them as a member. Ange realizes that Rocks is going to be shocked to see a third Kanonno and asks the Protagonist and Niata to head over to the kitchen. Once again, Rocks is taken by surprise upon seeing three Kanonnos, this time managing to calm down after Niata explains everything, however.


  • In Tales of Xillia 2, Kanonno is mentioned in the job, "Fruit Yakisoba, Please!", where she rewards the player with the "Sealed World" weapon, in exchange for a "Fruit Yakisoba (Small)".

Concept art of Pasca Kanonno and Mormo by Minoru Iwamoto