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Penelope Kluber
Penelope Kluber.png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Centerport
Race Human
Occupation Actress

Penelope Kluber (ペネロペ・クルーバー Penerope Kuruubaa?) is a minor character in Tales of Crestoria. She is a renowned actress and childhood friend to Yuna Azetta.


Penelope was the daughter to the famous actress, Bernette Kluber (バーネット・クルーバー Baanetto Kuruubaa?) and a not-so-good stageman, Genitz (ゲニッツ Genittsu?). Penelope had no idea who her father was, because Genitz's plays were so provocative, critics actually condemned him. When Genitz was branded a transgressor and ran away, Bernette wanted to connect with her daughter and decided to do so the only way she knew how: as an acting teacher. However, Bernette did not know how to be a proper parent and resorted to physical punishment. When Penelope's friend, Yuna, learned of this, she recorded Bernette beating her own daughter with her vision orb. Enraged, the people condemned Bernette to be at the mercy of the enforcers, taking Penelope's mother away from her. As Penelope cried, Yuna realized that using her vision orb was a mistake and swore never to use it again. Instead, she would do everything in her power to find the truth before hasting judgement.

Yuna grew up to be an infamous journalist, unafraid of telling the cold, hard truth. A lot of people hated her for it, but she had always made sure not to step out of line, lest she shared Bernette's fate. Despite what happened between the two, Yuna and Penelope, who followed in her mother's footsteps and became a world-famous actress, remained on good terms. However, Penelope started having cardiac problems. Knowing full well she was going to die, Penelope made it her mission to give the performance of a lifetime.

Sweet Lies and Bitter Truths

Penelope is first seen in Centerport with Yuna, who approach Kanata Hjuger, Misella, Aegis Alver, and an animal named Meakyu, trying to come up with a script for the drama festival that Penelope is soon to attend. Knowing the odds are inevitably stacked against them, Kanata asks if Penelope would like to teach them. After reaching the ancient ruins where Yuna and Penelope played as kids, Penelope agrees to help out somewhat. But after several screw-ups, Penelope seems to get lightheaded from exhaustion. In return for the acting lesson, Yuna has the group agree to help her with an investigation. Penelope heads to a hospital to rest.

The next day, she wakes up to find the group, who says they know about her illness. She asks Kanata to carry her to the ruins, to which he refuses. Penelope tells the group that a prominent journalist has been writing articles that have practically set her victory in stone, earning her constant encouragement. Penelope loathes the idea of winning by default with her death approaching. Knowing she is weaker than she used to be, she calls high praise for the worst performance "the ultimate insult" before falling back asleep.

Eventually, Yuna and her friends manage to find a plant that can be used for a medicine. While the rest of the audience constantly cheer at her performance, the group know that it is not realistic to expect her to perform flawlessly, given her condition. At the end of the play, Penelope faints. Yuna rushes to her side and Penelope is awake just long enough to lament her performance.