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Anime Concept Pere.jpg
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Race Human
Occupation •Knight of Gardios (former)
•Gardener (current)
Japanese Voice Actor Sasaki Mutsumi (anime)

Pere (ペール Peeru?, "Pail") is a supporting character in Tales of the Abyss.


Born in N.D. 1942, Pere served as a knight in the House of Gardios. In N.D. 2002, after Duke Fabre slaughtered Guy Cecil's family, Pere found and rescued Guy, taking him to St. Binah, where the two lived for a while with a friend of Pere's. Three years later, in N.D. 2005, Pere took Guy, who changed his name to conceal his identity, to Baticul, where Pere introduced Guy as his relative. Ramdas hired Pere as a gardener, and Guy was assigned to the task of entertaining Luke fon Fabre. Neither Pere nor Guy met Duke Fabre until much later, with Guy eventually plotting revenge against Duke Fabre for slaughtering his family during the Hod War.