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Petnadjanka (ToR).jpg
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Western Continent

Petnadjanka, the City of Chimneys (煙突の街ペトナジャンカ Entotsu no Machi Petonajanka?) is a prosperous industrial city partially hidden in a forested area on Calegia's western continent in Tales of Rebirth. It is a blossoming place defined by its large factory. One of the protagonists, Tytree Crowe, and his sister, Selena Crowe, live here and work in the city's factory.


Adorned with beautiful brick paths, the city hosts a number of typical amenities, including its thriving manufacturing industry. Access to the city is somewhat difficult, with the Forest Labyrinth blocking the path to Minal being the only natural means of visiting the city. Despite this, the nearby Toyohose Hostel is stationed on the Toyohose River, which, despite its rough waters, trails directly into Sannytown.


Veigue Lungberg, Mao, Eugene Gallardo, and Annie Barrs first visit Petnadjanka in pursuit of the King's Shield. Upon entering, they find the city eerily quiet and investigate in front of the local factory, where they find the factory's workers outside, explaining the recent events. They claim that soldiers had taken over the city, gathered Huma girls, and locked themselves in the factory with the girls. One man tells the group that Tytree and the factory's manager went inside to negotiate, allowing some of the Huma girls to be let free, but those two and Tytree's older sister, Selena, were still inside. Suddenly, the factory manager emerges from the factory in hysterics, forcing Annie to calm him using her Force of Rain. The manager explains how the soldiers decided to take Selena since she was deemed the most beautiful of the Huma girls, and afterward, overgrowth began enveloping the factory, forcing him to flee.

Saleh and Tohma of the Four Stars then emerge from the factory, and Saleh takes the liberty of proving the factory manager's story wrong by claiming he offered Selena in exchange for his own daughter's safety. Saleh then makes it clear to the manager that he never had any intention of taking his daughter because she simply is not beautiful. As Saleh and Tohma leave, Saleh uses his Force of Storm to ease their escape, and Selena beckons for the group to stop Tytree and his strange, uncontrollable power before it hurts someone. After the group rescues Tytree by subduing him in battle, thereby calming his Force, Tytree joins them in pursuit of the King's Shield, knowing they now share the same goal. The factory manager apologizes to Tyree before he leaves, letting his boss know that he will be taking time off to rescue his sister.