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Phandaria (ToD).png
Game Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
World Er'ther Lands
Region Southern Hemisphere
Capital Heidelberg
Ruler •King Sark (ToD)
•King Garr Kelvin (ToD2)

The Kingdom of Phandaria (ファンダリア王国 Fandaria Oukoku?) is a region of the Er'ther Lands in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2. One of the world's two major powers, Phandaria occupies the southern half of the planet's central continent, sharing the landmass with the equally powerful kingdom of Seinegald.


Phandaria is a region slumbered in an everlasting winter with a cold, dry climate. A mountainous region with several evergreen forests, Phandaria is the result of the ice age caused by a Lens-infused comet that collided with the planet in the past. The region's temperature is low enough that glaciers can be found beyond its bays. Phandaria's capital, Heidelberg, lies in the center of the region, nestled against a large mountain ridge that divides Phandaria's territory with that of Seinegald's.

To the northwest of Heidelberg is the border town of Janos, which is positioned near Mountain Cabin and the road that trails into Seinegald. On the southern side of the continent rests the town of Cyril, accompanied by Tilso Forest, which leads to an open area housing the oceanside port of Frostheim. In Tales of Destiny 2, the base of the Er'ther army, Radisrol, is located within the region, and Spiral Cave plays a small role in the game's plot, being where Barbatos Goetia holds Atwight Eks hostage in order to lure Dymlos Timber. In the future timeline of the game, the cave seems to have crumbled.


  • Heidelberg - The capital of the Phandaria region. It is a large, snowy city yielding the kingdom's castle, several houses, and a museum.
  • Janos - A border town that serves as a gate between Phandaria and Seinegald. A passport is required to pass through the town.
  • Frostheim - The port town of Phandaria, which, like much of the region, is blanketed in snow.
  • Cyril - A military town located near Tilso Forest. It has a history of conflict with the capital.
  • Radisrol - A military base in the past timeline of Tales of Destiny 2 that serves as a stronghold for the Er'ther army during the Aeth'er Wars.


Around 1,000 years prior to the events of Tales of Destiny, a comet struck the region of modern-day Phandaria, plunging the world into an ice age that threatened humanity. Using the power of Lens, which came from the comet, an elite civilization of people were able to construct a massive floating continent known as the Aethersphere, which rose above the dust clouds generated from the comet's devastating collision. After the Aeth'er Wars, the Aethersphere was destroyed, and its aerial cities were sunk into the depths of the sea. The planet managed to recover from the comet's collision over time, but the region of Phandaria remained in a steadfast winter that never ceases.

The snowy region is habitable, however, and it maintains a relatively friendly relationship with the bordering Seinegald, though conflicts arise every so often. Phandaria is a monarchy ruled by a royal family. During the early portion of Tales of Destiny, Phandaria is governed by King Sark (国王イザーク?) and Prince Garr Kelvin. When Lydon Bernhardt murders King Sark and usurps power in the region, the protagonists defeat and kill him in Heidelberg Castle, and Garr becomes King of Phandaria afterward. Although the region is relatively peaceful, some have opposed the kingdom's monarchy, namely Dalis Vincent and Mary Argent, who took part in a rebellion two years prior to the events of Tales of Destiny. Phandaria's royal family possesses the Swordian of Wind, Igtenos, which is used by King Sark until his death, becoming Garr's thereafter.