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Philia Felice
Appearance Tales of Destiny
Tales of Destiny 2
Residences Straylize Temple
Age •19 (ToD)
•37 (ToD2)
Height 5'4" / 162 cm
Weight 99 lbs / 45 kg
Race Er'ther
Occupation Priestess
Weapon Clemente
•Rod, Mace (PSX)
Japanese Voice Actor Kikuko Inoue
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Philia Felice (フィリア・フィリス Firia Firisu?, "Philia Philis") is one of the protagonists of Tales of Destiny, also appearing in its sequel as a supporting character. Philia is an apprentice priestess from Straylize Temple, although she is also interested in conducting research, fulfilling the scientist archetype of the story. She is kind, polite, and naive, possessing many qualities typical of a feminine woman. She specializes in offensive magic of all elements with the help of her Swordian Clemente.


Days as Apprentice Priestess

It is unknown how Philia entered the Straylize Temple. However, she was quick to gain a lot of friends there. She was a devout priestess with strong belief to her religion and was a close friend with a fellow researcher, Batista Diego. Both studied under the High Priest Lydon Bernhardt. Her peaceful days abruptly ended when she caught Lydon sneaking to the place where an artifact called the Eye of Atamoni, a Lens with great power capable of destroying the world, was stored. Philia secretly stalked him and eventually witnessed his true intentions: to steal the Eye of Atamoni and conquer the world with it. Before Philia could do anything, Lydon petrified her with a spell and left the temple in ruins.

Journey to Stop Lydon

Philia remains in the petrified state until a task force from Seinegald consisting of Stahn Aileron, Rutee Katrea, Mary Argent, and led by Leon Magnus come. After Leon cures her petrified state, Philia becomes devastated as she tells the truth to the group and the rest of the priests in Straylize Temple. She feels responsible for not stopping Lydon and thus she offers to join Leon's group. She is told to stop referring Lydon as "High Priest", as he is the enemy.

The group, listening to rumors about a shipment of a certain artifact, travels to Calvalese. On the way, their ship is ambushed by a sea dragon called "Bernardo". Suddenly, Philia feels like she is being called and causes the party to ride on the dragon and arrive at the abandoned base of Earth Army called Radisrol. Venturing to the facility, they encounter the Swordian of Lightning, Clemente. He immediately chooses Philia as his new mistress, and she eventually agrees. With that, the party journeys back to Calvalese. In Calvalese, they head to the Holy City of Kalviola, in which a Straylize Temple is located where Lydon may be storing the eye. Philia uses her knowledge and background to let the group infiltrate the temple. However, it turns out that even though Lydon had been there, he already left. The group makes their way to the Fitzgald region.

Artwork for Tales of Destiny: A Pachislot Called Fate.

They agree to hunt down Lens Pirates that they suspect to be stealing Lens or involved with Lydon. The pirate leader turns out to be Philia's old friend, Batista. They succeed on defeating him and brings him back to Neuestadt to be interrogated. During the interrogation, Philia becomes worried about Leon's method to interrogate Batista, so she stays close to him. The next day, however, when she is about to bring him breakfast, she finds out that Batista escaped. Hearing this Rutee jumps to the conclusion that Philia planned his escape, which Philia vehemently denies. Leon comes in and tells them it's just his strategy to pin down Lydon's location, for he has put an electric tiara on his head that will give them his location. Afterward, the group travels to Batista's current location, the Aquaveil region.

They catch up with him atop Moreau Castle, and with the assistance of Karyl Sheeden, the group eventually defeats him. When Karyl is about to deal the final blow, Philia covers him up and attempts to give Batista a second chance by asking him about Lydon's location. Instead of answering, Batista throws the key for the prison area to Karyl, to allow him to save his imprisoned friend, Fayte, and forcefully pulls Leon's tiara off his head. The shock is so strong that it kills him in an instant. Philia becomes even more devastated at this event. She weeps over his dead body until she recuperates, while her friends follow Karyl to save his friend.

Their next destination is the capital, Terazzi. They spot Lydon, but he escapes on the Draconis ship to the region of Phandaria. They travel there, and eventually with the help of Prince Garr Kelvin, Lydon is defeated. The Eye of Atamoni goes berserk, and Leon administers a special disc to the Swordians, calming the Eye. However, the disc also causes the Swordians to enter a dormant state. As everyone returns to their home, Philia returns to her Straylize Temple and helps with rebuilding it. However, Leon's last words regarding the dormant state of the Swordians worry her: they will not wake until another world-threatening crisis presents itself.

Saving the World

Status image in Tales of Destiny (PS2).

Just several days after she begins rebuilding the temple, Philia starts hearing Clemente's voice again. Shortly afterward, she is summoned to Seinegald Castle and learns that the Eye of Atamoni is missing. The King orders her to gather the other Swordian Masters. Philia travels throughout the world to gather them and after returning to Seinegald, they learn that Hugo and Leon are behind the disappearance of the Eye of Atamoni. They eventually track them down in the abandoned factory and mine of Libra IV. It is revealed that Leon was coaxed to fight for Hugo's sake to ensure the safety of his beloved Marian Fustel. The party is forced to fight him in a fatal and painful battle. In the end, the mine where they fought is rapidly flooding. In the original Tales of Destiny, the party is swallowed by the rapids, but manages to resurface at the Draconis. However, Leon is too injured to escape and dies there. In the remake, Leon helps the party escape through an elevator, while he stays behind to operate it, and then waits for his death.

After they resurface, the floating continent of Aethersphere rises from the ground. The party cooperates with the leader of the Earth Army in Radisrol, Marius Raiker, to journey through the floating continent, and they eventually confront and defeat Hugo. However, it also turns out that Hugo is merely a pawn of his own Swordian, Berselius. And in fact, Berselius contains the soul of Kronos, leader of the Aetherians. He uses his immense power to banish the party back to the lower continent. The party then make their way back to the floating continent and eventually defeats Kronos in Dycroft. However, the Eye of Atamoni goes berserk again, and the Swordians must be stabbed into the Eye to stop it at cost of their existence. Philia is the second to release her Swordian, Clemente. She escapes with the group, successfully saving the world. The group later arranges a yearly reunion in Stahn's home at Lienea.

Another God Arises

As Philia returns to Straylize Temple again, she devotes her time to rebuilding the temple. Eventually the forests surrounding the temple develops into a full-fledged town on its own, called Aigrette. Philia has attained the position of High Priest within the temple. The temple develops a group of warriors fighting for good called Atamoni Shindan as well, of which Loni Dunamis is a member. Philia finds out that Stahn and Rutee have married and have a son, named Kyle Dunamis and also that Stahn had been murdered. Ten years after the news, Philia is visited by a young girl named Reala, looking for a hero. Philia confirms that Reala already possessed a great power, but she is not sure. Philia then asks what will Reala do if she meets her hero, but Reala says she does not know. In the middle of the conversation, Stahn's murderer Barbatos Goetia enters the scene and gravely wounds Philia. She would have been killed if Barbatos had not been interrupted by Kyle and Loni, and later a masked fencer named Judas.

When she regains consciousness, she overhears Reala mourning over her lack of power. Philia comforts her with the same words Stahn uses to her. Eventually, the girl regains her happy self and after introducing herself to Kyle and thanking Philia, they both leave. Philia thinks that Kyle could be the hero that Reala is looking for. After some time passes Straylize Temple is once again under attack, this time by the Holy Woman Elrane, promoting the church of Fortuna. A religion that has been, in recent times, gaining more popularity than that of Philia's. Kyle, visiting, sees the attack, and in an effort to save an imprisoned Reala rushes to the temple, succeeding in freeing her. As he is about to pursue Elrane, Philia gives him the Lens Scope, which will prove useful throughout his journey.

Philia Doll.png

When Kyle visits the temple again, he asks about the choice of saving the world or saving the one he loves. Philia tells the story of her past, and on how she witnessed Lydon's theft on the Eye of Atamoni. How she was depressed when she learned the truth, and how Stahn, Rutee, and Leon helped her to escape from her denial. Philia also mentions her painful battle against Leon, and that even though it was such a betrayal, she does not hate him because it is a respectable decision to protect the ones you love, a decision that Leon will not regret. Suddenly, Judas speaks that what Philia thinks is exactly the same as Leon's thoughts, and that Leon will think of the same given the situation Kyle is in. Kyle thanks Philia and decides not to run away from the problem. As the group leaves, Philia does not realize that Judas is actually Leon himself, brought back from the dead.

When Kyle eventually defeats Elrane and Fortuna, history reverts to how it was before and all of Elrane and Fortuna's doings are considered to be nonexistent. Therefore, the church of Fortuna never existed and the church of Atamoni remains as the sole religious figure in the world. Philia's life changes very little in this time, however, depending on the player's actions, she may be helping Kyle and Loni in a sidequest to cure Nanaly Fletcher's sick brother, by making them a medicine that would cure his sickness.

Appearance and Personality

Opening still from Tales of Destiny.

Rather stagnated in her religious beliefs, Philia is often considered to be one of the kinder characters of the party. She often has her beliefs placed in god, and often looks to the more positive side of things while being one who feels anyone can redeem themselves. She also takes on many hardships does not try to openly make enemies of others, even if they have done her wrong. While she also seems to lack a bit of confidence, Clemente often acts as a mentor to her.

While she is essentially a priestess, Philia also takes the role of a scientist, who is keen to research before meeting Stahn. She made her own, self-made bomb titled Philia Bomb, which she uses in battle; however, this also stems from a rather sinister personality that tends to go out of her way to experiment to questionable degrees of comic relief, but at the same time also makes her intellectually curious. Another side to her comic relief tends to be an unrequited crush on Stahn.

Other Appearances

Tales of the Abyss

Cut-in image for Big Bang in Tales of the Abyss.

Philia appears in Tales of the Abyss as one of the opponents in the exhibition match of the Baticul Coliseum, alongside Mint Adnade of Tales of Phantasia, Reid Hershel of Tales of Eternia, and Nanaly Fletcher of Tales of Destiny 2. Her mystic arte, Sacred Penance, is later reintroduced as a Blast Caliber in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny. In this game, her name is transcribed directly from the Japanese romanization of her name: Philia Philis. Philia's later appearances have retconned this spelling of her name within localized English releases.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Philia appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology as the assistant in Doplund's Ad Libitum, giving the Protagonist and Mormo requests. She is not made playable, but plays a little role as Harold Berselius's former pupil.

Tales of VS.

Portrait artwork for Tales of Fandom Vol.1.

Philia appears a playable character in Tales of VS., where she carries many of usual artes, including Sacred Penance from her appearance in Tales of the Abyss. In the story, she travels with Bruiser Khang. The two are competitors in the Yggdrasill Battle, and are often seen as one of the teams that participates in the finale of the competition, but are the only ones to make it that far who do not have a playable Story Mode. Instead, they are unlocked following the completion of extra events during the Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants story and Jade Curtiss and Anise Tatlin story.



  • Philia, along with Stahn and Rutee, appear in framed portraits that can be found in the basement dungeon of Chat's Hut in Tales of Eternia.