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Philine Storieday Wallare
Philine Storieday Wallare.png
Appearance God Eater series
Tales of the Rays
Height 5'3" / 162 cm
Race Human
Occupation God Eater
Weapon God Arc
Japanese Voice Actor Kaori Nazuka

Philine Storieday Wallare (フィリーネ・ストリッジデイ・ウォラーレ?, "Philine Strigidae Volare") is a character introduced in God Eater Resonant Ops who makes a cameo appearance in Tales of the Rays.

Appearance and Personality

Philine wears a unique one-piece uniform with a cape, exposing her navel and composing patterns of white, light greyish-green and dark brown. Despite her calm personality, she can be very resourceful and creative in battle, freely manipulating her special God Arc to defeat large Aragami.

Fighting Style

In Tales of the Rays, Philine uses several original artes referencing how God Eaters fight Aragami. She is very agile and has natural intuition, and due to her overwhelming combat power she is seen as one of the strongest God Eaters in the series.


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