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Phillip Reston
Phillip Reston.png
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Hometown Odanse
Residences Heimdallr
Age 35
Race Human
Occupation Mirrist
•Leader of the Salvation Front
•The 103rd Biqe
Japanese Voice Actor Atsushi Abe

Phillip Reston (フィリップ・レストン Firippu Resuton?, "Philippe Reston"), full Biqe name Biqe Phillip Reston (フィリップ・ビクエ・レストン Firippu Bikue Resuton?, "Philippe Biqe Reston"), is a character in Tales of the Rays, the working 103rd Biqe of Tir Na Nog, and Marcus Grimm's master.


Twenty years prior to the story, Phillip lived in Odanse with Gefion – at the time still known as "Mileena" – and the original Ix Nieves. He had feelings for Gefion, but kept them a secret as to not make things awkward in their friend group.

He grew up sickly, and his parents needed to keep a close eye on him due to this, but despite this, he was a gifted mirrist, entering the Mirristry Research Institute at a young age. His powers were so potent though that he needed a protective mirrage to weaken his powers, so when he used mirristry it wouldn't have a toll on his body.

One day, he offered to take Gefion to the Glasswater Woods with him to show her the view. She asked if Ix could tag along, to which Ix warned them of the dangers of monsters and asked if they could wait for him to finish his work. Phillip responded by saying Ix was "overthinking it," and he and Mileena left without him. Once there, they got assaulted by the group of monsters Ix had warned them about. Ix came rushing in to their help and activated his overray, surprising both Phillip and Gefion, but he was unable to control his powers and they needed to help him. Phillip offered to use his mirristry to stop Ix, but Mileena told him she'd handle it as to not harm Phillip's body.

Once Ix and Mileena had both passed out, Phillip took his mirrage and stabbed Ix with it, realizing that Mileena "only had eyes for him," and because he was jealous of Ix for being everything he isn't (reliable, a good leader, and having a strong bond with his family). Ix's response to this was to tell Phillip they needed to keep this between the two of them, which shocked Phillip. From then on, he held nothing but regret towards Ix, and resented himself for never properly patching their relationship up before he died.

After Ix's death, he helped Gefion work up the Aegis Project, and exoflected Phantom in order to test memory manipulation and how exoflecting from the past worked. He later exoflected the second Ix, manipulating his memories as he did so, while Gefion exoflected the second Mileena Weiss.

At some point, he became friends with Freisel, Demitrius, and Glasstin during their research, and exoflected Marcus. He established the Salvation Front with Freisel.

Role in the Plot

Phillip doesn't show up for a majority of the first arc, but is instead referenced through the things Gefion, Marcus, and Phantom say about him. He's stuck sick in bed due to anima contamination for most of this time, but he saved Kanonno Earhart from the Void and during the finale, he exoflects his third self, Junior, in order to take down Phantom and reclaim his position as the leader of the Salvation Front.

Mirrage Prison

As the leader of the Salvation Front once more, he assists Mileena in her efforts. He handles researching Dana's prophecy, and issues the Salvation Front to infiltrate Asgard multiple times. He doesn't feel comfortable seeing Mileena, as she reminds him of Gefion, but he eventually makes the visit to see her after she needs his help in saving Ami Burklight.

Fairy's Requiem

Once Ix is back from the mirrage prison, Phillip properly introduces himself to him and asks that he calls him "Phil," like old times, despite knowing that this Ix is different from the one he grew up with. He eventually reveals the sins of his past to Zelos Wilder and Martel Yggdrasill, and later shares this with Ix as well.

Appearance and Personality

Phillip is a man with long black hair, with purple and white robes that go over his black pants and dark boots.

Phillip is very sickly, spending the majority of the first arc of the game in bed. He's also very awkward, frequently stuttering and refusing to see Mileena due to feeling uncomfortable in her presence, and has a hard time handling Ix due to the sheer amount of remorse he feels towards him. He feels worthless and relies on Marcus to do most things for him, and is prone to crying if pushed too far. Despite this, he can be prideful in his abilities and when push comes to shove, can be very competent.

Fighting Style

As a master Mirrist, Phillip is capable of using powerful magic artes such as Air Thrust and Ancient Nova. Despite using the same body as Phantom, the only artes they both use are Freeze Lancer and Fatal Punishment.


  • His nickname is Phil (フィル Firu?), which is what people close to him call him by.
  • As Biqe, this makes him the current strongest mirrist in the world.