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Photon Burst (ToG)

Photon Burst as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Photon Blaze (フォトンブレイズ Fotonbureizu?), also localized as Photon Burst, is a recurring Fire-elemental magic arte in the Tales series.

Arte Description and History[]

The user conjures a sphere with a red aura surrounding it, which then explodes and bursts in fire. In its original form in Tales of Destiny 2, it is the extension to Flame Drive, and the area the spell encompasses is the place where Flame Drive's streaks of flame hit.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Graces[]

Japanese Description: 高熱を凝縮させ、炸裂させる初級攻撃術。
Localized Description: "A low-rank cryas arte that condenses heat to create an explosion."

User: Malik Caesar
Normal Spellcasting Time:
Japanese Quote: 其は耐え無き息吹!フォトンブレイズ!
Localized Quote: "Breath of flames... Photon Burst!"

Shortened Spellcasting Time:
Japanese Quote: 炎って奴は情熱だ!出でよ灼熱!
Localized Quote: "Flames are passion true! Searing heat!"

User: Reala
Japanese Quote: お願い!フォトンブレイズ!
Localized Quote: "Come! Photon Burst!"

Tales of Zestiria[]

Japanese Description: 敵の場所に炎熱衝撃を発生。火系の術は、敵を確率で火傷状態にする。
Localized Description: "Blasts the enemy's location with a blazing impact. Fire artes have a chance of inflicting Burn."

User: Lailah
Japanese Quote: 我が火は灼火!フォトンブレイズ!
Localized Quote: "Radiant Heat... Flare shot!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 赤は焼く、焼くは赤銅!
Alternate Localized Quote: "May your souls burn crimson red!"

Tales of Berseria[]

User: Seres
Japanese Quote: 我が火は灼火!フォトンブレイズ!
Localized Quote: "Burn like the sun! Photon Blaze!"

Tales of the Rays[]

User: Reala, Malik Caesar
Japanese Description: 敵を中心に局所的な高熱を発生させ攻撃する術
Localized Description: "An arte that attacks a foe by centering a wave of deadly heat at its position."

User: Reala
Japanese Quote: 炎の閃光!フォトンブレイズ!

User: Malik Caesar
Japanese Quote: 其は耐え無き息吹!フォトンブレイズ!

User: Lailah
Japanese Description:


Japanese Quote: 参ります!フォトンブレイズ!