Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Luin
Race Human

Pietro (ピエトロ Pietoro?) is a man who escaped from the Asgard Human Ranch in Tales of Symphonia.


Sheena Fujibayashi suggests visiting Pietro to the group when they are contemplating how to infiltrate the Asgard Human Ranch, knowing he escaped there. The party travels to Hima, where Sophia claims Pietro has passed away. They visit his grave only to discover he is alive, but suffering from a curse-like illness that can only be healed through the "Boltzman Technique". Eventually, after obtaining the "Boltzman Book" from the Tower of Mana and "Unicorn Horn" from the unicorn at Lake Umacy, Raine Sage cures him. Once cured, he reveals details about the Mana Cannon, a Desian weapon of some sort. Afterward, he returns to Luin in order to rebuild the destroyed city.