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Pipista, the City of Rock Walls (岩壁の街ピピスタ Ganheki no Machi Pipisuta?) is a town located in the southeastern portion of the Tsurubena Wastelands of Calegia in Tales of Rebirth. Pipista translates to "the bird's nest" in Ancient Calegian.


Pipista is a rugged village home to an exclusively-Gajuma population. The harsh environment of the region makes the town unfit for Huma, whose bodies are frailer than Gajuma, to live, and dissent toward Huma is prevalent in the town. Pipista is burrowed into the wasteland terrain, its homes made of stone to endure the harsh environment. "Yellow Wind" is a phenomena that occurs in the area surrounding Pipista, whereby the wind sends sand flying, making the air appear to turn yellow.



Dobal is the chieftain of the town and oversees all affairs, but his particular hatred of Huma prevents the group from making much progress in locating the next Sacred Beast. Inside Dobal's home is a sacred altar that requires a certain ritual in order to reveal the holy bird of legend. Later in the story, Dobal creates a caste system in which Gajuma with horns are considered upper-class citizens, Gajuma with wings are considered first-class citizens, and all other Gajuma are considered second-class citizens, with Huma being considered lower-class citizens, though none exist in the town.

Role in the Plot[]

The group visits Pipista during the beginning of the Sacred Beast trials, having been told by the Sacred Beast Eephon that the Tsurubena Wastelands is where they will find the next Sacred Beast. Upon arriving in the village, the group quickly notices that there is a great dissent toward Huma, so Eugene Gallardo is forced to communicate in the others' stead. Not long after arriving, the group discovers that Hack, a former acquaintance, attempted a ritual in the chieftain Dobal's home, resulting in his arrest.

In an effort to help Hack, as well as locate the next Sacred Beast, the group takes Hack's knowledge on the matter and puts it to use, emerging successful in the end. Using the clues uncovered from the ritual, the group applies them at the nearby Flame-holders, summoning the Shrine of Fenia from the desert area. Pipista is later revisited by the group during the impression, and they are forced to deal with the local disputes that have arisen due to Dobal's newly-implemented caste system of Gajuma.