The Planetary Storm, also referred to as the Planet Storm (プラネットストーム Puranettosutoomu?), is a unique phenomena that affects the world of Auldrant in Tales of the Abyss.


Professor Southern-Cross developed the Planet Storm in B.D. 2677, and five years later, it was put into motion with every country's approval. Essentially, the Planet Storm is an artificial "storm" of fonons, created through the activity of the Sephiroth Trees and the use of fonic glyphs, which are the Radiation Gate and the Absorption Gate. Throughout the globe, fonons are dispersed from the core of Auldrant through manipulating the flow of memory particles by first coursing them through the Radiation Gate and returning them through the Absorption Gate. This process both amplifies and increases the amount of fonons in the world. Through the Planet Storm, civilizations throughout the world are able to use fonic artes, and fon-technology is powered by such increased amounts. Without the Planet Storm, the natural amount of fonons would make it harder to use fonic artes, and fon-tech would be rendered nearly inactive.

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