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Poisson (ToAsteria).png
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Amarcian Enclave
Age 11
Race Amarcian
Weapon Hammer
Japanese Voice Actor Suzuna Kinoshita

Poisson (ポアソン Poason?) is a significant supporting character in Tales of Graces. She is close to the Amarcian Overseer, the elder of the Amarcians living in the enclave. According to Pascal, she is next in line to take the Overseer's place.


The party first meets Poisson outside the Overseer's Chambers in the Amarcian Enclave, hoping to access the Archive of Wisdom to obtain more information about Lambda. Poisson, who is speaking directly for the Overseer at the time, denies them entrance. A while later, she appears again after the party defeats Kurt Bessel at Fendel's valkines and gives word that the Overseer has now allowed access to Pascal and her friends to the Archive.

She also protects them from being arrested by Chancellor Eigen by threatening that the Amarcians helping Fendel will be withdrawn. When the party was preparing to venture out for Fodra, Poisson was asked by Pascal to help them with take off procedures. She agreed to work the outer controls for them, counting down the time before watching them successfully take off into space. Her next appearance is when she visits Lhant alongside Fourier to wish Asbel Lhant and friends luck before the big final battle against Lambda. She is seen again during Pascal's ending, observing her efforts to continue research on how to extract eleth from Fendel's valkines without it exploding.

Poisson is available as an optional boss in Tales of Graces ƒ during the "Future Arc". Her weapon is a small hammer that she carries in her hands and has her own Blast Caliber attack where she twirls her hammer around in a circle before dealing one final blow with the hammer growing enormous in size.

Appearance and Personality

As the next to become Overseer, Poisson is very calm and relaxed, even while observing the humorous antics of Pascal. She also stays true to the rules of the Amarcian Enclave and is not afraid to say what she has to say, proof enough when she calmly speaks with Chancellor Eigen to not arrest Asbel and his friends.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces ƒ.

Poisson fights using a hammer that she holds with both of her hands. She attacks by utilizing powerful downward strikes and spins, as well as several hammer artes. Her mystic arte, Tyrant Hammer, involves several spins that conclude with a powerful downward strike.


  • Pascal, Poisson, and Fourier's names derive from French mathematicians. Poisson's name is a reference to Siméon Denis Poisson.