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Pope of Tethe'alla
Pope Model
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Ozette
Residences Meltokio
Race Human
Occupation Pope of Tethe'alla
Japanese Voice Actor Binbin Takaoka (ToStA)

The Pope of Tethe'alla (テセアラの教皇?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Symphonia. He is the leader of the Church of Martel in Tethe'alla and secretly the current King of Tethe'alla's half-brother.


The Pope was born as the illegitimate son of the previous king of Tethe'alla making him the current king's younger half-brother. Filled with bitter and envy that his older brother is the heir to the throne, he worked his way up the social ladder to become the pope to secretly gain his trust and murder him for the throne and, in doing so, established many cruel and racist laws against half-elves. It is later discovered that he has a half-elven daughter named Kate, technically the niece of the current king who was forced to work in Sybak as a scientist. When questioned about why he established these laws, his explanation was largely vain, based on his fear of the half-elven population, with their powerful magic and slow aging process. The Pope begins to harass the group after he notices that two half-elves travel among them. The Pope bans the group from Meltokio and the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge. The Papal Knights attack the party numerous times in order to arrest or kill them.

The Pope also employs Kuchinawa, a spy from Mizuho, as a means of pursuing the group. The party learns from Vharley that the Pope is a major buyer of Exspheres, and he makes the Exsphere connection between the Church of Martel and the Desians of Sylvarant. The Pope also wishes to replace the King of Tethe'alla, and he has been slowly poisoning him to make it seem like he dies of natural causes. The Pope was later removed from power by the King of Tethe'alla, after heavy persuasion from Tethe'alla's Chosen, Zelos Wilder.