Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Hometown Sulz
Race Gajuma
Japanese Voice Actor Roko Takizawa

Popura (ポプラ?) is Claire Bennett's aunt in Tales of Rebirth, though she is, by all means, also considered to be Veigue Lungberg's aunt as well.


Sad Beginnings

Popura is first shown entering the Bennett home at the beginning of the story, surprised to see Claire safe and returned to normal. To celebrate Claire's return, Popura bakes her trademark peach pie, which happens to be Veigue's favorite. The reunion is cut short, however, when Saleh and Tohma of the Four Stars invade the village, demanding the most beautiful Huma girl in the village leave with them. Saleh uses his Force of Storm to suspend Popura in the air, conning Claire to go with him in exchange for Popura's life. Claire, however, also demands that Saleh release all the other Huma girls, before acknowledging her end of the deal and leaving with the King's Shield.

Purifying the Taint

Later in the story, as the so-called "impression" ravages the world more intensely, Popura becomes victim to the taint and allies herself with the village's other Gajuma residents in the assembly hall's plaza. Veigue and Annie Barrs witness the event, in which Popura and other Gajuma residents claim that the assembly hall was built by them, not the Huma residents, and as such, Huma should have no right to use it. Despite Veigue's concern, Popura barks at how Gajuma have always felt this way, abused by the Huma, whom she claims take all the easy jobs, leaving more rigorous labor to Gajuma. The Huma residents crowded at the assembly hall retaliate with equally-condescending remarks before Veigue and Annie are forced to leave the village in order to help Eugene Gallardo, who has been inflicted with the same taint.

When Veigue later returns to the village, he talks to Popura through the door to her home, and she expresses her guilt and embarrassment concerning the event at the assembly hall. She claims to be struggling with her feelings toward Huma, and Veigue tells her about what he has learned about race throughout this journey. Popura cannot manage to find the words to respond and merely addresses Veigue as "Little Veigie", her nickname for him, before he leaves. Shortly afterward, at the Bennett home, Popura enters and asks if the group wants some peach pie she baked for Veigue. Lifting each other's spirits, Popura resolves to bake more peach pies for everyone in the village at the assembly hall. The group gathers the reluctant villagers, who all seem to love Popura's peach pies, and meet at the assembly hall for a blissful event. Popura then thanks Veigue and the others before leaving.