Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Legendia
World Shining Blue
Region Legacy

Port-on-Rage (内海港?, "Inner Harbor") is a small port area in Tales of Legendia, located just north of Werites Beacon. Port-on-Rage is a small landing port used by many travelers who arrive on the Legacy. The buildings within the port are not accessible by the player, and there are no shops.


Main Quest

After Will Raynard and Chloe Valens refuse to take him along, Senel Coolidge and Norma Beatty head to Port-on-Rage. When the two arrive, they spot the two speaking to the mysterious boy who caused Senel to fight the "Bantam Bouncers", Ed Curtis and Isabella Robbins. The young man gives Will and Chloe a letter from "Jay the Unseen" and offers to take them to the other side of Raging Bay. Senel finally remembers who the young man is and attempts to speak with him, but Norma argues with him to stay there. Senel tells Norma to stop, but Senel accidentally touches her breast in the process. Norma calls Senel a pervert and casts Fire Wall on him. After Will and the others leave, a boat owner comes by and offers for the two to use his boat. They gladly accept and follow Will and Chloe.

Character Quests

During the beginning of the Character Quests, Senel and Shirley Fennes head to Port-on-Rage to pick up Chloe after she returns from Gadoria. While waiting, Senel encounters a mysterious man and speaks with him. Senel, not understanding the man's words, brushes him off and meets with Chloe. While leaving, Senel and the others save Arnold Alcott and his daughter, Elsa Alcott, from monsters. After defeating the monsters, Senel and others guide the two to Werites Beacon.