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Pow Spear (ピコ空裂破 Pikokuureppa?, "Squeaky Sky Fissuring Tear") is a Compound Special Attack in Tales of Symphonia, performed by Colette Brunel and Kratos Aurion or Zelos Wilder.

Arte Description and History[]

When performing this Unison Attack, Kratos or Zelos's sword is replaced by a Pow Hammer while doing horizontal spins around in the air, leaving a spiraling trail of light from the toy hammer. Upon landing, the hammer transforms into the sword again. In order to be used, one of Colette's Pow Hammer artes and one of the swordsman's Light Spear artes must be used during a Unison Attack.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Symphonia[]

User: Kratos Aurion
Japanese Quote: 見切れるか!
Localized Quote: "Ha!"

User: Zelos Wilder
Japanese Quote: これでも喰らいな!
Localized Quote: "Have a taste of this!"