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The Primeval Giant (原始の巨人 Genshi no Kyojin?) was the creator of the world in Tales of Innocence.


An unknown period of time prior to the events of the story, the Primeval Giant of origin and god of all creation existed alone. To escape his eternal loneliness, he used his body to form the world, and deities were born from his head. This led to his death and the birth of Devaloka, which began to prosper thereafter. However, evil deities began appearing, so the deities created Naraka and banished the evil deities there, stripping them of their powers and causing them to become mere humans. Due to the long period of time between these events and the present, many people have forgotten that they are descendants of deities.

At some point, the Primeval Giant created the Manifest, which has the power to grant any wish. As such, the Manifest is imbued with the will of the Giant. When Asura retrieves the Manifest from its guardian, Cerberus, he learns that "two shall stand before the Giant in devotion and faith, yet a single soul shall inherent his power". When the group obtains the Manifest at the end of the story, Ange Serena comments on the Giant's loneliness and how he created the world so that it would become an enjoyable place. She deduces that his wish to have a single world for this happiness is embodied in his words regarding the Manifest, so the group uses the Manifest to reunite the worlds and restore peace to the land.


  • The Primeval Giant is loosely based on the Hindu concept of Purusha, which, in some myths, is described as a being whose sacrifice created all life. This is mirrored in the Primeval Giant's role in the story.