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Pronyma (ToCE).png
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Residences Tower of Salvation
Race Half-elf
Occupation Leader of the Desian Grand Cardinals
Weapon Scepter
Japanese Voice Actor Yuki Makishima
English Voice Actor Masasa Moyo

Twilight Pronyma (プロネーマ Puroneema?) is an antagonist in Tales of Symphonia and the leader of the Desian Grand Cardinals. She has a more direct connection with Yggdrasill than her comrades and is the only Grand Cardinal who does not possess her own Human Ranch.


Leadership Role

As the leader of the Desian Grand Cardinals, Pronyma is shown or mentioned in several places. The first mention of her is from Kilia after Colette reveals her wings before Dorr and Neil, and mentioning her name when she loses in battle. The next time, she is actually seen, but through a hologram in the Asgard Human Ranch speaking to Kvar just as Lloyd Irving and his two other chosen companions barge into the control room. Having previously heard about Lloyd's connections to Kratos Aurion, her superior, she states that she can "see the resemblance", which confuses Lloyd. However, Kvar is not interested much, and claims that Pronyma is stealing information and data from his base because of her jealousy, which Pronyma denies. She then reveals her knowledge of the Mana Cannon before she shuts down the communication, leaving Kvar to fight the group.

Reawakening Colette

After Colette Brunel sacrifices her heart and becomes soulless, Pronyma is ordered by Yggdrasill to keep an eye on Kratos, who he suspects will try to indirectly help the heroes behind Cruxis's back. As time passes, Pronyma eventually receives a new order from Mithos: the Chosen and her companions are headed to the Fooji Mountains to retrieve the Rheairds, and she is to capture her. As she arrives, she sees that Yuan Ka-Fai, another of her superiors, has already captured the rest of the group except Colette. Possessing different motives, the two allow one another to procede with their respective missions. However, as she approaches the soulless Colette, she notices that her Cruxis Crystal has a Key Crest on it, and attempts to remove it. This triggers Colette's soul to return, and she rejects Pronyma, claiming that it is the birthday present Lloyd gave to her. Although shocked that the Key Crest actually could bring her soul back, Pronyma tries once again to take Colette, though now Colette knocks her away and frees her friends. Pronyma then fights them, but loses. After the party has a conversation with Kratos, she departs with him.

Mischievous Days

Throughout the rest of the story, while Yggdrasil is interacting with the heroes as the orphan Mithos, Pronyma continues to watch over Kratos, and also contacts Zelos Wilder, a triple agent who works partly with Cruxis and the Renegades while being friends with Lloyd and the Chosen of Tethe'alla. At some point, she encounters Rodyle, and in order to ruin his plans to destroy the Tower of Salvation, she most likely fools him into thinking she is on his side, and gives him a Cruxis Crystal that she claims will control the Mana Cannon. When the heroes get captured and brought to Derris-Kharlan, Pronyma enters just as Genis Sage uses Fire Ball to hurt Yggdrasill. Furious that Yggdrasill is hurt, she tells Genis that he will suffer for he had done, even telling him that it does not matter if he is a fellow half-elf, and launches a fatal spell at him. However, the recovering Yggdrasill, who has gained a bond with Genis through Mithos, shields Genis with his body, and survives. Although confused with Yggdrasill's behavior, she follows his orders and retreats. Later at Altessa's House, during Mithos's confrontation with Lloyd and his friends, Pronyma appears when Mithos is struck by Lloyd. She claims that his wounds have not yet healed and that they should retreat. Mithos agrees, and he, Pronyma, and Kratos are teleported away.


During the party's final visit to the Tower of Salvation in order to obtain a Mana Fragment, Zelos betrays the party and tricks Colette into a magical glyph from which she can not escape. Pronyma appears and takes Colette to Derris-Kharlan, and there, she and Yggdrasill put Colette into a machine that transports Martel Yggdrasill's soul into her body. At the end of the transportation, Lloyd, and later his friends, appear to save Colette, and Yggdrasill tells Pronyma to get rid of them because it is her "fault they are still alive". She fights the group once more, but loses. Upon her defeat, Pronyma attempts to use the last of her strength to beg Yggdrasill for help, calling him "Mithos". As she does, he states that only his former companions may call him by that name and kills her.

Appearance and Personality

Game model in Tales of Symphonia.

Pronyma wears unusually extravagant attire, which features large, mechanical-looking gold blades that encompass her. She has long, green hair, which is partially concealed by a gold helmet, and purple eyes, accompanied by purple eye shadow. Pronyma's basic outfit consists of a red, bikini-style top with gold plates covering her breasts that extends into a violet bottom, albeit stopping short enough to reveal her thighs and red, tattoo-like markings. Her gloves consist of the same violet color, despite the top portion and fingertips of her gloves consisting of the same red as the torso of her outfit, and she wears large, gold bracelets around her wrists. Her boots are also violet, extend above her knees, and are pointed at the ends in a gold color that accompanies the large, gold bands around her ankles. Additionally, Pronyma wears a matching violet cape on the backside of her attire that extends downward from her waist.

Pronyma is frequently seen carrying out Yggdrasill's orders throughout the story, exemplifying great loyalty toward him and his ideals. She pays little attention to matters that do not concern her, such as when she attempts to capture Colette at the Fooji Mountains and explains to Yuan that he may do as he wishes with Lloyd, as she received no orders regarding him. As leader of the Five Grand Cardinals, Pronyma is occasionally seen discussing matters with them and is even mentioned by Kvar and Rodyle directly, though not in a pleasant way. Kvar threatens Pronyma's position during their conversation before the party kills him at the Asgard Human Ranch, and Rodyle states that Pronyma "tricked" him as his body begins to reject the Cruxis Crystal he placed on himself. Pronyma possesses a cold exterior to those beneath her, yet shows respect to her superiors. She takes her position and missions very seriously, and she is constantly irritated at Lloyd's group for interfering.

Fighting Style

As one of the Five Grand Cardinals, Pronyma is a formidable opponent. She is fought twice throughout the story, with minor differences each time. During the first battle, she fights by herself, while in the second battle she fights alongside two of her underlings, known as "Iduns". These hardy creatures have no particular techniques other than melee slashes with their scythes, though they do have the ability of inflicting the status ailment "Weak" at random.

Pronyma is armed with a sturdy rod, which she uses as a melee weapon and magic-channeling tool. Like her comrades, she represents a base element among the Grand Cardinals: Magnius represents Fire, Kvar represents Lightning, Rodyle represents Earth, Forcystus represents Wind, and Pronyma herself represents Water, both liquid and solid. As such, she is proficient with both Water and Ice magic, making use of the Spread, Aqua Laser, and Ice Tornado spells. Due to her advanced rank, she also has access to Light and Dark magic, able to use the Dark Sphere and Prism Sword spells effectively. Pronyma has two exclusive techniques, available only to her. These are Agarazium, which lifts a magic circle from underneath the target, dealing damage and launching them into the air, and Leonazium, which sets a magic circle in midair and fires fierce battle energy in the shape of a lion's head, identical to a red-colored Beast.

Other Appearances

Chibi artwork.

Tales of Symphonia Manga

Pronyma has a smaller role in the Tales of Symphonia manga. She is first seen when she kills Rodyle after Kvar's death, then when she acquires the mission to spy on Kratos, and finally when she takes Colette away from the Tower of Salvation. However, her final moments are slightly different. Instead of being ordered into fight, Pronyma casts a killing spell toward Lloyd on her own will, which makes Yggdrasill furious, as she could have hurt Martel. Attempting to beg for his forgiveness, she calls him by his first name, and like in the game, he kills her. In a side-story chapter, it is also revealed that she was the messenger of Cruxis when they tried to make Zelos their ally many years prior to the storyline.

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

Pronyma has so far made only two appearances in Tales of Symphonia: The Animation. The first is at the end of the third episode, where she, together with Rodyle, observes as Asgard Human Ranch is destroyed, stating that it is a pity that Forcystus, Magnius, and Kvar were defeated by humans when they thought they were the superior ones. She is seen again at the very end of the fourth episode, again with Rodyle, standing before Yggdrasill as Kratos appears in his Cruxis attire. During a trailer for the Tethe'alla Arc, Pronyma is seen talking to Zelos behind the group's back.