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Protagonist (TotW-RM).png
Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
Race Descender
Occupation Member of Ad Libitum
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

The Protagonist (主人公 Shujinkou?) is the primary controllable character and the main character in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.


The Protagonist is a Descender created by Terresia's World Tree in order to protect it from the Devourer, a monster which consumes worlds and their World Trees. As a means of defending Terresia, they have no past of their own. Their sole purpose in life is to fight and protect, so they join Ad Libitum, a guild that fights for the world's peace and safety. As they work with Ad Libitum, taking requests and performing missions, the people of Terresia come to trust them, especially those they fight with.

Mormo comments that the Protagonist is an unusually strong Descender, due to Terresia's World Tree's overwhelming strength and mana. They is also a phenomenal fighter with exceptional natural ability, and is capable of obtaining the "Radiant" equipment of legend. As they travel, they develop a special inner bond with Kanonno, a girl with amnesia he protects at the beginning of the story. When Kanonno discovers her past as a Descender, the Protagonist is willing to believe in her in spite of her doubts, and their and Mormo's persistence is what brings her back.

As time passes and their world weakens, the Protagonist begins to feel strain when they exercise their powers as a Descender. Whenever they destroy a Gilgilum Node, they black out and worry their friends, such as when the Protagonist and Leon Magnus take out the Node in the Weald, only for the Protagonist to pass out and have Leon carry them back to the city. Furthermore, the Protagonist learns that, when their mission is complete, they will return to the World Tree. In spite of all this, they manage to defeat Gilgilum and Widdershin, Gilgilum's Descender, and save their world. Their World Tree bears fruit with the seeds of other worlds, and fellow Descenders say goodbye to return to their worlds. The Protagonist then goes to sleep in the World Tree.

Appearance and Personality

The Protagonist rarely talks or participates in any conversation, but rather has their friend Mormo do the talking. The only time they speak is when prompted, though their voice is not heard. As such, they have no real set personality except for a desire to protect their friends. They can range from teasing and somewhat sadistic to kind and caring.

Fighting Style

The Protagonist has no set fighting style. Rather, they are unique in that they can change job classes to suit their style and preference. Also, some of the artes used by many different Tales characters in the game are incorporated into the arte pool of the Descender's current job.