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Roa Nashion
Protagonist (TotW-RM2).png
Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Race Descender
Occupation Member of Ad Libitum
Character Designer Daigo Okumura
This article is about the protagonist from Radiant Mythology 2. For the protagonist from Radiant Mythology see Protagonist (Radiant Mythology). For the protagonist from Radiant Mythology 3, see Protagonist (Radiant Mythology 3).

The Protagonist (主人公 Shujinkou?) is the primary controllable character and main protagonist in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. In the manga, the Protagonist is given the name Roa Nashion (ロア・ナシオン?).


Joining Ad Libitum

The Protagonist first appears when the World Tree exploded and the Protagonist came falling from the sky onto the Van Eltia in front of Kanonno Earhart and Paneer. When the Protagonist wakes, Chat comes to ask where the Protagonist came from, but realizes that the Protagonist has no memories and decides to let the Protagonist stay at Van Eltia. In exchange, the Protagonist must join Ad Libitum. Kanonno guides the Protagonist around the ship to introduce them to the other guild members. She also accompanies the Protagonist on their first quest. Later, she tells the Protagonist about the legend of the Descender, not knowing that the Protagonist is actually the figure from legend.

Search for Janis Kern

After the guild sees Luke fon Fabre and his friends getting attacked on their ships, the Protagonist is ordered to go to the Amell Cave and find them. In the Amell Cave, the Protagonist is forced to fight Guy Cecil after a misunderstanding, after which Tear Grants and Jade Curtiss come and explain the situation. Later, the Protagonist goes with Raine and Genis Sage to the Peri Mines to investigate the causes of the recurrent earthquakes. In the mines, they find out a army is using the mana from the World Tree in weapon experiments. To find away to stop this, the Protagonist is ordered to go with Cress Albane and Chester Burklight to Amell Cave to try to find Janis Kern. In the cave, they encounter soldiers also looking for Janis, and the Protagonist's group is confused to be working with Janis, leading them to be attacked by the soldiers and their monsters. After the Protagonist easily defeats the monsters, and they discover some of Janis's works and take the evidence back to Raine.

The Protagonist and Raine return to the Peri Mines after, but they are attacked by a monster guarding a research area, meeting Janis and his assistant after dispatching it. Janis refuses to speak with the Protagonist and runs off. Upon returning to the Van Eltia, the Protagonist is forced to go with Kyle Dunamis and Nanaly Fletcher to the Raisin Volcano to find Harold Berselius, who was collecting a sample in the volcano. Ad Libitum eventually tracks down Janis and gives the Protagonist the quest to find him in the Slime Nest with Zelos Wilder and Presea Combatir. In the deepest area of the Slime Nest, they meet up with Janis who has an explosive ready, but he is stopped just in time by the Protagonist. The Protagonist and the others tell Janis's assistant to remove the machine, but he accidentally sets it off and releases Goede from his prison. Goede recognizes the Protagonist as the Descender and battles the party, but he is defeated because his body not fully yet revived. The Protagonist then returns to the Van Eltia.

Arrival of the Negative Energy

The Protagonist meets Annie Barrs, who is dire need of Ad Libitum's help save her friends in the Garret Woods. Chat sends the Protagonist and Ruca Milda along with Annie to helps the ones trapped in the woods. In the woods the Protagonist meets Eugene Gallardo and Mao, who tell the Protagonist and his friends that two more of their friends are trapped in a further area. The party goes deeper and spots Veigue Lungberg fighting with Celsius, who is possessed by negative energy. Celsius reveals that she is under the control of Goede's negative energy and then fights the Protagonist, but she is defeated. The Protagonist then releases Celsius of the negative energy and saves Claire Bennett.

After this, Celsius revealed that the Protagonist is the Descender that Annie was searching for, much to everyone's surprise, as they believed the Descender to only be a legend. When Celsius explain about the negative energy and Goede, Janis arrives to give Raine and Harold information, but he is interrupted when Asch comes out and attempts to attack him. The Protagonist manages to hold Asch back from attacking him and Janis leaves.

Some time later, a request comes from two concerned parents and ask Ad Libitum to find their missing son, Victor, in the Prison Gate Cave. Ad Libitum gladly accepts the quest and sends the Protagonist with Colette Brunel and Kanonno. In the prison gate, they find Victor possessed by negative energy that mutates him into the monster Behemoth. After defeating the monster, the Protagonist clears the boy of the negative energy and returns him to his parents. Back on the Van Eltia the ship begins to shake and the Protagonist arrives with Kanonno on the deck to see the rising of Niata Monad. Chat then orders the Protagonist to go with Kanonno and Raine to the mysterious tower.

Resurrecting Niata

Arriving at the tower, a voice called Niata speaks to the Protagonist and the others. They venture further and try to speak with him more, but Niata becomes unresponsive and shuts down. The Protagonist is ordered to go with Stahn Aileron and Rutee Katrea to the Churos Undersea Ruins and then to the Moscopi Desert with Illia Animi and Ruca Milda, where they obtain to objects to help resurrect Niata. The Protagonist goes to the Mescal Mountains to place the objects, but they are attacked by Barbatos Goetia, but he is easily defeated. Upon returning Janis sends a message for help and the party heads to the Peri Mines to find him. In the mines they find Janis and his assistant are going to be killed by soldiers. The soldier transforms into the monster Blade Rex and fights the party. After defeating the monster, Janis gives the Protagonist, Harold, and Asch a container of crystals which will be used to control the antennas that will be used to erase Goede's negative energy. The Protagonist with Kanonno and Guy then goes back to Niata Monad and revives Niata in physical form to take with them to the Van Eltia.

Destroying the Negative Energy

The next day Farah Oersted, Chloe Valens, and Anise Tatlin have been reported missing. Senel Coolidge arrives and tells the Protagonist and Kanonno to go the Coral Forest with him to find Chloe. In the Coral Forest, they find Chloe and defeat her negative form. On the deck on the Van Eltia, Kanonno falls and begins to fade, the Protagonist takes her to the infirmary to let her rest. The group on the Van Eltia makes antennas from the crystal received from Janis and decide to place separate antennas in the world in hopes of destroying the negative energy. Mao and Eugene are sent with the Protagonist to go to the Moscopi Desert and place the first antenna in the deepest area.

Back on the Van Elita, Reid Hershel and Keele Zeibel arrive and tell the Protagonist to go to the Raisin Volcano with them to find Farah. In the volcano they find Farah, who has also spawned a shadow version of herself. The shadow fights the party, but it is defeated and the Protagonist clears Farah of her negative energy. With the second antenna finished the Protagonist is sent to the Prison Gate Cave with Veigue and place it. After some time, Jade comes to the Protagonist and tells him to come to the Mescal Mountains to find Anise. When they find Anise she too has also spawned her negative form and the party fights it.

With all the missing members of the guild recovered, the Protagonist returns to the Van Eltia and wakes up Kanonno. With the final antenna finished, the Protagonist, Celsius, and Kanonno go to the Garret Woods to place it. There they encounter Goede, who attacks Kanonno. The party catches up with Goede in the dungeon, but he escapes again and they place the final antenna. Back on the Van Eltia the Protagonist joins with the rest of guild on the deck to see the negative energy be destroyed, but this backfires as Goede's voice comes from the Negative Nest and tells them that he will not disappear and will instead destroy the World Tree.

Final Battle

After the appearance of the Negative Nest, the Protagonists goes to the area for the final battle with Goede. There they faced the four guardians and defeat all of them. The Protagonist and Kanonno finally reach Goede's resting place. They try to convince Goede to stop, but Goede still vows to destroy the world tree and kill the Protagonist which leads them no choice but to fight. After defeating Goede's final form, Goede transforms into negative energy to attack the tree, and the Protagonist has no choice but to follow him. They are stopped by Kanonno, but she is convinced by Niata to let them go. The Protagonist tells Kanonno goodbye and goes after Goede. They manages to change his feelings and turn all of his negative feelings into mana. The Protagonist is never seen again, but this inspires Kanonno to write a book about their adventures. At the end of the story, Kanonno hopes for the Protagonist's return.


In the manga, Roa's first appearance is similar with his game counterpart. He fell on Van Eltia in front of Kanonno. Taken inside the ship, he is greeted by Chat, who questions where his homeland is, but Roa cannot remember anything. Chat suggests that he join Ad Libitum and travel with them until his memories return. Since Kanonno is appointed to become his guide, she is also the one who gives him his name. He is quickly acknowledged by the Van Eltia crew members for his strength, craftsmanship, and intelligence, all of which make him accomplished in any given mission almost effortlessly. This is noted by some members, such as when Roa is able to quickly learn hand-to-hand combat by Yuri Lowell, able to defeat Bruiser Khang by Guy Cecil, and able to create a full set of mattock perfectly by Spada Belforma.

After meeting Goede and already knowing his history from Celsius, Roa immediately feels empathy toward Goede and offers him a chance to start over, as well as establish a friendship, but Goede refuses. Once the antenna is completed, Roa and Celsius attempt to restore the World Tree's mana and cleanse the negative energies, but Goede's interference prevents this from happening. Resolved to help Goede, Roa tells Chat his answer to confront Goede alone, and Chat tearfully gives him the mission under the condition that he return. Before he departs, Roa shares one last moment with Kanonno, promising to read her book.

After Roa is finally able to convince Goede to return to the World Tree, Goede questions Roa if he is okay returning and leaving his friends behind. Roa simply states that once a Descender saves the world, their duty is finished, and they will stay until the world is in crisis again. Roa then comments how Goede is finally freed from his role, but Goede replies that, even though this time he is freed, there is no guarantee that next time will be the same as long as humans who wish for destruction exist. Roa attempts to assure Goede since he has become part of the World Tree thanks to his power.

Roa also does this because Goede is now able to become a Descender in Roa's place the next time the world is in crisis, but Goede insists he is unfit for the role. Nonetheless, Roa confidently states that, if by any chance their roles are switched, Goede will save him. Embarrassed, Goede yells to the World Tree to return Roa to his friends, saying that an "idiot" like Roa is unfit to become the World Tree's representative, and it should bring someone who is more knowledgeable in his place. Feeling grateful toward Goede, Roa tells the World Tree that, if not for his friends, he is sure he will not be able to fulfill his duty and bring back Goede with him, convincing the World Tree to return him to his friends.

Appearance and Personality

The Protagonist rarely talks or participate in any conversation. As such, they has no set personality apart from a desire to protect their friends. They can range from teasing and somewhat sadistic to kind and caring. In the manga, Roa is nice and polite young man. He is unexceptionally kind to everyone, even to Goede, whom he views as his "brother" who was also born from humans' feelings and the World Tree, instead seeing him as a threat despite the latter's attempt to kill him several times. He is also somewhat rational and quite sharp since he would always hears patiently when his friends confide to him, making everybody placed their confidence and faith in him when they depending on him.

However, since he was born without knowing anything, he lacks knowledge of the world and society, making him quite naive and occasionally deadpan. He is oblivious to certain situations, mostly agreeing on something without understanding what it truly means and just go along with it, such as when Lotta asked him to go on a date, he mistook it as a work, and later unknowingly accepted her love confession since he thought she mean it as a friend, which Garr revealed that accepting her confession is same as proposal. Or when Zelos and the other boys drag him to peek on woman's bathroom, he helped them since he thought that it's an important mission.

Fighting Style

The Protagonist has no set fighting style. Rather, they is unique in that they can change job classes to suit their style and preference. In the manga, Roa's job is a Swordsman, using a single-handed sword as his main weapon.