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Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Race Descender
Occupation Member of Ad Libitum
Character Designer Daigo Okumura
This article is about the protagonist from Radiant Mythology 3. For the protagonist from Radiant Mythology, see Protagonist (Radiant Mythology). For the protagonist from Radiant Mythology 2, see Protagonist (Radiant Mythology 2).

The Protagonist (主人公 Shujinkou?) is the primary controllable character and main protagonist in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3. In the manga, he is named Aldi (アルディ Arudi?).


The Protagonist was created as a Descender by Luminasia's World Tree. The Protagonist awakens at the Rhubarb Mountains and is approached by Kanonno Grassvalley, who asks the Protagonist where they are from, but the Protagonist is unaware of anything concerning themself, including their name. Kanonno brings the Protagonist down to the valley at the foot of the mountain in order to wait for the Van Eltia to arrive. There, Kanonno tells the Protagonist they were just in time as the ship docks. Aboard the Van Eltia, the Protagonist is greeted by Ange Serena, the leader of the guild known as Ad Libitum and allowed the Protagonist to join the guild since they travel around the world and might help regaining their memories. Afterward, fellow guild members Mint Adenade, Rubia Natwick, and Will Raynard tell the legend of the Descenders to the Protagonist, along with Kannono, who recognizes the Protagonist may be connected to the legend since the way they appear is similar as the description of the legend.

Later, the Protagonist is assigned a mission alongside Farah Oersted and Marta Lualdi to escort Joan through the Brownie Mine. During the next mission, the Protagonist, Cress Albane, and Illia Animi are assigned to escort a crate to an oasis by an elderly client. After defeating "Sand Fangs" at the oasis, the group discovers two people mutated by the red smoke inside the crate, turning their bodies into a crystallized form. However, the Protagonist able to return them to normal with their mysterious power.

On a mission with Tytree Crowe and Meredy, the Protagonist discovers a mysterious person shrouded in red light. As they make contact, the "Servants of Dawn" attack with a bomb and escape with the human, referring the human as the Descender. At the Almanac Ruins, they approached the Servants again and fight. After the battle, the red smoke begins cloaking the servants, mutating them into monsters. The Protagonist then meets Lazaris for the first time, but is attacked by the woman before she escapes.

At Absol Mountain, the Protagonist is forced to fight Richter Abend, who possesses the same objective: find the Spirit Celsius. After the battle, Celsius appears and reveals to the Protagonist that they are a Descender. Aboard the Van Eltia again, the Protagonist takes part in an experiment performed by Harold Berselius that transfers the Protagonist's abilities to Kanonno. In the final mission at Elan Vital, the Protagonist approaches Lazaris and proceeds to fight her before she mutates into a more powerful form, "Chaos Lazaris". Upon Lazaris's defeat, the Protagonist returns to rest along with Lazaris's documents in order to recover the World Tree.

If the player choose to continue the game after the ending, the Protagonist will return, falling from the sky to Van Eltia's dock in front of Kanonno and Rocks, shocking them. Both are soon thrilled by the Protagonist's return and take them to Ange, who immediately welcomes the Protagonist. Unfortunately, this is short-lived. Depending on the player's dialogue choices, Rocks will remark that, either Ange has gotten fat for eating too much the Protagonist's favorite foods and is unable to stay slim or how she seems to be getting older like an old lady from overworking. The Protagonist will either be given many quests at once or receive an earful scolding from Ange, much to Kanonno's dismay.

Appearance and Personality[]

The Protagonist rarely speaks, and reacts similarly to the previous protagonists of the Radiant Mythology series. They feel obligated to protect Luminasia from harm. In the manga, Aldi is cheerful and easy-going, not minding his lack of memories due to a perceived amnesia. He sometimes gets excited easily, much to the shock of the other guild members. Because of his lack of knowledge, he is somewhat naive, dense, and clumsy at the times, coupled with his straightforwardness and bluntness.

This lack of knowledge also caused him to often get curious, resulting him to do something rude without meaning to, such as immediately calling everyone on first name basis without any honorific or when he tried to pull Eugene's tail and quickly apologized when he realized it was a rude thing to do. However, he means well and sincerely tries to help his fellow guild members. Nevertheless, he is a kind and determined individual and owes his loyalty to the friends he wishes to protect.

Fighting Style[]

The Protagonist has no set fighting style. Rather, they are unique in that they can change job classes to suit their style and preference. In the manga, Aldi's initial job is a Warrior, and his main weapon of choice is an axe. He later changes his job four times: first to a Swordsman when he is taken by Kor Meteor to their guild shop, to a Fighter during the mission to find Celsius, to a Mage under Keele Zeibel's tutelage, and a Magic Knight for the remainder of the story.