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Pyrox Ferro
Pyrox Ferro.png
Appearance Tales of Hearts
Age 22
Race Organican
Occupation Crystal Knight
Weapon Soma (Bazooka)
Japanese Voice Actor Kenta Miyake
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Pyrox Ferro (バイロクス・バロウズ Bairokusu Baroozu?, "Byrocks Burroughs") is a minor antagonist and later a protagonist in Tales of Hearts. He is a member of the Crystal Knights, working in conjunction with Peridot Harmotome in serving under the orders of Chalcedony Akerman.

Appearance and Personality

Pyrox is a muscular man with blue eyes and hair. He wears a military uniform consisting of a white and gray top, green pants, and armored boots. He also wears a red, emblemed torso that matches Peridot. Like Peridot, Pyrox starts off antagonistic is slowly revealed to have a familial relationship with their captain, Chalcedony.

Fighting Style

In battle, Pyrox fights with a large Soma cannon, and though he is slow, he has a very high defense. He is capable of performing powerful moves and Water-elemental spells, while his close-combat strategies involve him attacking with his weapon and rarely using artes.