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QQ Selezneva
QQ Selezneva (ToI-R)
Appearance Tales of Innocence R
Age 18
Height 160 cm
Weight 50 kg
Race Human
Occupation Soldier
Weapon Spear
Japanese Voice Actor Saki Fujita
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

QQ Selezneva (キュキュ・セレツネワ Kyukyu Seretsunewa?) is a newly-introduced character in Tales of Innocence R. She comes from a different world, claiming to be an archaeologist curious about the world of Naraka.


In the world to which QQ and Kongwai Tao belong, the adventure of Ruca Milda and his companions is well-known as a legend. It is believed, however, that the world to which Ruca belongs actually exists. Many have attempted to travel to this world, but no one has ever returned. QQ and Kongwai later become the first to return from this world alive. The two enter from what is known as the Triverse Gate and are capable of speaking in a Triverse language that is foreign to the other protagonists.

QQ first appears in the Calypso Mines. When the party encounter a Macchia Grave, QQ leaps out of the dust and helps the party fight and kill the monster. Afterwards, she accompanies the rest of the party, offering her skills in battle.

QQ frequently interacts with Kongwai, with whom she shares a seemingly friendly relationship, like everyone else. However, when their talks in the Triverse language are translated into Japanese in the second playthrough of the game, it is shown that strong enmity exists between the two, who belong respectively to two countries that are at war with each other back in their own world.

Before returning to their own world, Kongwai declares the end of the "friendship game" with QQ, to which she responds with a resolution to kill him the next time they meet.

Tales of Hearts R[]

In a secret cutscene obtained only after clearing the Triverse Gate in Tales of Hearts R, Gall Gruner enters the Triverse Gate and emerges to another world, where he is greeted by QQ and several soldiers, dressed in military outfits. He gives them the Soma he carried, calling it a souvenir from his travels.

Appearance and Personality[]

QQ Status (ToI-R)

Status image in Tales of Innocence R.

QQ has silver hair tied in a bun by a valencia-red ribbon, tan skin accented in exotic yellow tattoos, and brown eyes, with one eye concealed by a black eye patch.

QQ dresses in a scantily clad ensemble of lime green articles of clothing, including a shirt formed by a bra with gold ornaments in the middle, with sleeves that extend into gloves, ripped pants, and boots that reach up her knees. In addition, a long yellow sash is draped around her neck like a scarf and trails down to her feet on both sides, as well as three gold rings on each ear, as well as metal guards covering her ankles, knees, and right wrist.

QQ is innocent, energetic, friendly, and expressive, having a habit habit of spinning around and hugging people when excited. A keen fighter, her wounds serve as symbols of pride for her.

As an "archaeologist", she seems particularly interested in the technology of their world. Unlike Kongwai, QQ is not fluent in the local language, as she uses broken speech to communicate with the party. QQ speaks haltingly but is able to understand others without issue. She is also shown to have a lot of pride, believing favors that take a long way instead of being ordered.

Fighting Style[]

QQ Cut-in (ToI-R) 1

Cut-in image for Imperial Spear in Tales of Innocence R.

QQ fights wielding a double-ended spear. Whereas Kongwai is a purely offensive mage, QQ's arteset consist of using the spear as well as her own limbs, all non-elemental and half of which can be performed mid-air. Out of everyone in the party, QQ has the smallest arteset, arguably the smallest playable arteset in the Tales history.



  • QQ's surname, Selezneva, is a feminine name of Russian origin (Селезнёва), derived from "Selezen" (селезень), the word for "duck".