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The Qliphoth (魔界クリフォト Makai / "Kurifoto"?) is the region hidden below the Outer Lands of Auldrant in Tales of the Abyss. It is a massive void that contains an ocean of deadly miasma and mud.


The Qliphoth is where Yulia City and the Tower of Rem are located. The Sephiroth Trees are set in place throughout the Qliphoth, holding the Outer Lands above the miasma. The Outer Land regions of Hod and Akzeriuth eventually collapsed into the Qliphoth, where they were disintegrated and absorbed into the miasma. As the rest of the Outer Lands are lowered safely during the events of the story, the land and oceans come to rest on the surface of the Qliphoth, sealing the miasma within and preventing it from threatening the health of the population.


More than 2,000 prior to the events of the story, miasma first began to envelop Auldrant, infecting the land following the end of the Fonic War and activation of the Planet Storm through the use of fon machines. Half of the world's population died, and the kingdoms of Hod and Keter were destroyed by the shifting of the earth and the planet's core. This is when a young Yulia Jue made a pact with Lorelei through the Grand Fonic Hymn, creating the Key of Lorelei and recording the Score to try to find a way to escape destruction and bring prosperity.

Yulia was able to restore the kingdom of Hod with her Fonic Hymns and used the Key to modify the formation of the planet's fonons and rebuild the Planet Storm, leaving the Key to float within the planet's core. Based on the Score, she proposed a plan to raise the planet's crust using the Sephiroth Trees through a plan known as the Float Project. The world was soon drawn into another open conflict known as the Float War, where the kingdoms of Ispania and Frank, opponents of the project, emerged victorious. They proceeded to take control of the project, using it to raise their own territories to create the Outer Lands while threatening to leave their enemies within the Qliphoth unless they agree to be absorbed into the two remaining kingdoms.


  • Like various other names in the game, Qliphoth is a term used in Hebrew tradition, said to be a world of evil and impure spiritual forces that lies beneath the sephirot.