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Quickie (ToE PSP).jpg
Appearance Tales of Eternia
Height 15 cm (body), 12 cm (ears),
45 cm (tail), 72 cm (total)
Weight 200 g
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuko Sumitomo
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Quickie (クィッキー Kuikkii?) is Meredy's pet in Tales of Eternia. Although he can only cry its name, he has a heightened intelligence that allows him to understand the words of people. Quickie also possesses a keen sense of danger and often alerts the party members of a potential crisis. During combat, Meredy controls Quickie with her whistle and relies on him to attack enemies directly. In addition, Quickie can be controlled freely by the player through the use of the "Technical Ring". Despite not having a major role in the game's plot, Quickie appears in virtually every major sequence.