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The Quiet Lands (静かの大地 Shizuka no Daichi?), known to the Ferines as the Fallen Lands, is a location in Tales of Legendia, found underneath Werites Beacon. It can only be accessed via the elevator in the lighthouse.


The Quiet Lands is a landmass with several islands connected by bridges. It has four monument dungeons in each direction: the Fire Monument (火のモニュメント Hi no Monyumento?) to the south, the Ice Monument (氷のモニュメン Koori no Monyumento?) to the north, the Thunder Monument (雷のモニュメント Kaminari no Monyumento?, "Lightning Monument") to the east, and the Earth Monument (地のモニュメン Chi no Monyumen?) to the west. There is a coastline where the group can rest and restock supplies from an Oresoren merchant. Near the Thunder Monument is a beach with a geoglyph depicting the Legacy's history. A tram near the elevator can be used to access the Mirage Palace and Wings of Light dungeons.


Entering the Area[]

After a long fall, Senel Coolidge hears waves in the distance and makes his way toward the sound with the group. There, the group finds a sea, but they note that it is the first time they have seen a sea this calm. As they stare out at the water, Norma Beatty rushes to the others and points to the sky. Everyone is surprised to see that the sky is appears closed. Jay deduces that they are underneath the Legacy, specifically underneath the lighthouse. The huge tower they were in was actually an elevator, and Will Raynard is surprised that a huge underground cavern like this exists. Suddenly, Senel's fists begin glowing. After experimenting a Demon Fist on Moses Sandor, Senel discovers that he is able to use Eres again. The group soon realizes that the powers of their Eres work here, but not elsewhere.

The group then reviews what has happened so far: Shirley Fennes became the Merines after performing the Rite of Accession ritual, and after that, everyone lost the ability to use Eres. Jay suggests trying to ascertain who or what Nerifes is in order to shed some light into the situation at hand. Suddenly, Senel sees an image flash in his mind. He deduces that it was by no accident that the group is here, as well as that there may be a way of finding their way out. The group allows Grune to accompany them, while Jay ponders to himself that someone may have led them to this place.

A New Route[]

After the events inside the monuments, Jay begins planning the group's strategy. He asks if everyone remembers the Secret Passage, and after some investigating, he discovers an underground passage that brings them close to the bow of the Legacy. He deduces that they could reach Mirage Palace this way, but Chloe Valens wonders if the path is blocked. Jay then says he has an announcement to make at the elevator, as well as something he wishes to show everyone. At the elevator, Jay presses a button on a nearby console, and rails rise from the ground. While not that impressive, Jay has another surprise ready: after pressing the button again, the door opens to reveal a giant tram found by the Oresoren brothers.

After going inside, Jay claims that this tram can take the group to the surface because the rails they found are the same as the ones in the Quiet Lands. Poppo also tells them that the tram has a drill for busting rocks should the path get blocked. Jay then starts the tram, and it moves forward, only to stop at the exit to the surface. The door dates back to the Kingdom of Terises, so the group uses their Sacred Eres to open the path. After a final rallying cry, they make a straight line to Mirage Palace. On the way, they discuss about renaming the Nerifes in the Quiet Lands since there is also a Nerifes on the surface. Will then invents the names "Raging Nerifes" and "Quiet Nerifes", rejecting Norma's earlier ideas.

After retreating from Mirage Palace upon witnessing the Wings of Light rise from the surface, Norma wonders how the group will get there. Jay pushes a button on a nearby console, and a line of light appears before them. Jay realizes that this light is the "Trail Across the Heavens" spoken in Oresoren legends. He goes on to say that the tram can run on light, arguing that since the Legacy was once a flying ship, the tram could fly as well. Jay asks the group if they could test the tracks, which would only take one night, according to Poppo. Will suggests splitting up and meeting back at the tram the following morning. While Jay is working on the controls, his ears suddenly start burning, and he wonders if Moses is talking about him. Pippo and Quppo are glad that they were able to meet Senel and the others, and Jay agrees with them. The next morning, Jay reports that all testing and calibration of the rails is complete. After preparations are finished, the group climbs onboard the tram and starts the Trail Across the Heavens. They then make their way toward the Wings of Light.