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Rabbitz Village is a location in Tales of Rebirth that is home to humanoid-like rabbit creatures known as Rabbitz. The concept is derived from the more prevalent Katz and locations such as Katz' Village and Katz Korner. The village itself is a minor settlement located off Calegia's northern landmass that extends from its eastern continent. It is on a small island that resides near the icy region. Although the main village area is populated by Rabbitz, several Katz can be found inside one of the houses.


Several Rabbitz are found in the village, while two Noko pace back and forth in the foreground. Similarly to Tales of Eternia and Tales of Destiny 2, a Rabbitz will swipe the mushrooms that grow on the Noko's heads and offer them as food. Mao sheepishly declines the mushrooms, likely because of the laughing mushroom incident from earlier in the story.

Another Rabbitz serves as the skit viewer within the game, which itself is turned into a "sorting" minigame. In the standard skit view, each of the characters must be sorted from left to right based on prompts given to the player, e.g., "Veigue: Eugene is to my left". Completing the minigame within the time limit unlocks a certain amount of skits that can be watched. When visiting Rabbitz Village for the first time, only the first round of the minigame is available. By the end of the main story, more rounds of the minigame will be unlocked, which in turn unlocks more skits when completed. As an additional reward, skits created especially for the 2004 Tokyo Game Show can also be unlocked.