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Radisrol as it appears in Tales of Destiny (PSX).

Radisrol is a dragon-like military transport vehicle in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2.


Tales of Destiny

In the original game, Radisrol is abandoned at the bottom of the sea but houses the Swordian Clemente, as well as a computer system retaining the memory of Marius Raiker. Upon its activation by Clemente, it rises to the surface and looms over the ship carrying the protagonists. They enter and navigate the massive infrastructure to find Clemente deep inside, and Philia Felice is chosen as his master. Later in the story, the ship is used to travel across water and eventually air when the group infiltrates the Aethersphere. From this point on, it serves as a base for the group, were the personality of Raiker, along with Reynes, plan and operate behind the scenes of the overall aerial city infiltration.

Tales of Destiny 2

In the sequel, Radisrol makes its appearance in the period in which it was created: the Aeth'er Wars era. Having been hurled through time, the group makes landfall at the military base used by the Er'ther army, with Radisrol being docked nearby in the ocean and serving as the central facility. Much alive compared to its appearance in the prequel, it hosts a number of amenities, including a war room that features plans, coordinates, and maps. It is here where the original Swordian Masters, along with the scientist and developer of the Swordians, Harold Berselius, primarily operate, with their private rooms being located elsewhere in the large facility.