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Ragou (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Residences Capua Nor
Race Human
Occupation Member of the Imperial Council
Japanese Voice Actor Takashi Taguchi
English Voice Actor Dino Andrade[1]

Ragou (ラゴウ?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Vesperia.


Ragou resides in a large estate in Capua Nor, where he holds the position of magistrate. He is also a member of the powerful Council of the Empire. A sinister man, Ragou terrorizes the citizens of his city, breeding dangerous monsters and forcing those unable to pay his taxes to be killed by the monsters in an underground chamber of his estate. Using a Hermes blastia to manipulate the weather and cause the mighty "Rhybgaro" creature to appear, he sends countless citizens to their death by promising them an exemption from their taxes if they retrieve the horn of the beast. Eventually, he is arrested with the combined efforts of Flynn Scifo and Yuri Lowell. When Ragou is later tried for his crimes, he uses his power in the Council to receive a lighter sentence. Ragou then starts planning to take revenge on Flynn before being confronted by Yuri on a bridge in Dahngrest. Desperate, Ragou tries to use his status as a councilman to threaten Yuri, who replies that Ragou cannot be let go, even if the laws and the Council decided so. Ragou tries to run away, but Yuri is faster and slashes into the councilman's back. After lamenting that he "was so close" and mentioning Dein Nomos, he falls off the bridge and into the river. Ragou's body later appears as the basin of Heliord.

Appearance and Personality

Ragou is an elderly man with a long mustache, a chin-beard, and a large mole on his right nostril. He stands out from the rest of the Council by wearing a black-colored variant of the Council attire instead of the usual green and blue. Ragou is the only known member of the Imperial Council to abuse his power, manipulating events behind the scenes for his own benefits and torturing his own civilians as an indulgence. He sees his status as a councilman as an impenetrable shield, making him feel practically untouchable, until it proves ineffective against Yuri, who kills him regardless.