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Raine Sage
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Hometown Heimdall
Residences Iselia
Age •23 (ToS)
•25 (DotNW)
Height 5'5" / 166 cm
Weight 108 lbs / 49 kg
Race Half-elf
Occupation Teacher
Weapon Rod
Japanese Voice Actor Yumi Touma
English Voice Actor •Kari Wahlgren (ToS)
•Tara Platt (DotNW)
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Raine Sage (リフィル・セイジ Rifiru Seiji?, "Refill Sage") is a protagonist in Tales of Symphonia. She is Genis Sage's older sister and school teacher of the village of Iselia.


Tales of Symphonia[]

Raine's family is not well-known at the beginning of the story. The only known fact is that she has a younger brother, Genis, and that she has been acting like a mother for him. Later, when the group travels to Exire, the floating city of half-elves, Raine discovers that her mother, Virginia Sage, is actually living there. She and her friends go to visit her, but when they arrive they discover that Virginia is in a greatly disturbed state, and thinks a doll she is cradling is a baby Raine. They realize that Virginia has become delusional and amnesiac, perhaps from the trauma of abandoning her children and losing her husband, and is permanently stuck in her own past. When the group asks her about Genis, Virginia is surprised that they knew what she would name her second-born if it was a boy. Furious at her mother's amnesia, she yells at Virginia before running out in tears.

However, Raine receives Virginia's diary from the elder of Exire, which reveals the reason she was abandoned with Genis. The Imperial Research Academy of Sybak was desperate to take the already very intelligent Raine, and possibly Genis as well, to raise and study at the Academy. In order to prevent the Imperial Research Academy from reaching them, Virginia and her husband, Kloitz Sage (クロイツ・セイジ Kuroitsu Seiji?), constantly fled. It was while they were escaping from their pursuers that Raine fell from a ship into the ocean, causing her aquaphobia. Eventually, Virginia decided to put Raine and Genis through the portal of the Otherworldly Gate, hoping to give them a brighter future in the fabled land of Sylvarant. Shortly thereafter, she and her husband collapsed in the Ymir forest, presumably in an attempt to return, and were found by the elder of Exire. Kloitz died, and Virginia was taken to Exire. Raine and Genis eventually learn that their mother abandoned them because she thought it was a way of protecting them, not because they were a burden.

Raine, like her brother, is a half-elf, a race whose people are scorned in Sylvarant and Tethe'alla alike. When her parents abandoned her and Genis in the Otherworldly Gate, she was forced to be not only an older sister, but a mother figure for Genis. By the beginning of the story, Raine is 23, while Genis is 12; Genis was an infant when they were sent to Sylvarant, therefore Raine cannot have been more than 11 when she and her brother were abandoned, forcing her to care for her younger brother from then onward. This explains her high level of maturity. There is a gap of around five years which are unaccounted for because Genis himself states that he and Raine only arrived in Iselia five or six years before the story actually begins. Raine has a number of artifacts and knowledge that cannot be explained by their remote location in Iselia, showing that they were came into Sylvarant far from Iselia and traveled to the village itself.

Despite her youth, Raine remembers the prejudice she suffered from being a half-elf in Tethe'alla, for she told the members of the village that she was a pure-blood elf. Raine and Genis were then accepted into the village. After taking some tests, Raine became a certified teacher for Iselia. Raine is willing to sacrifice herself for her beliefs if necessary. After Zelos Wilder betrays the party and kidnaps Colette Brunel at the Tower of Salvation, it is Raine who realizes that the party might have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to achieve Lloyd Irving's goals. She discusses this with Regal Bryant, the companion she considers the most rational, in a skit at the time, saying that they must take the course with the highest odds of success, which is ensuring that Lloyd, with the power of his special Exsphere, survives the trip to the Great Seed Chamber. Moreover, if Raine is chosen in Flanoir the night before the party raids Cruxis, she will speak with him outside on the balcony, where she attempts to express, in a subtle manner, her growing attachment to Lloyd, although he is seemingly oblivious to it at first. She also seems to appreciate Lloyd's focus on the individual.

Raine believes that his Exsphere, with the powers it gained from the Angelus Project, is the only real chance they have at defeating Mithos and rescuing Colette. When the time comes, Raine sacrifices herself to save Lloyd by operating a machine that opens the doors that Lloyd passes through, and this causes the room she is in to collapse. She says that she believes in his ideals, in a world free of discrimination. Even if she dies, she says, her soul will live on in the world Lloyd creates. Lloyd is forced to leave her, but she is saved from the trap by either Kratos or Zelos, depending on whom Lloyd spoke to in Flanoir. Clearly, one of her goals for trying to regenerate the world is to end the discrimination that she, as a half-elf, has suffered from all her life, the discrimination that drove her to pose as a pure-blood elf.

If Raine has the highest affection toward Lloyd by this point in the story, she will approach him at his cabin in Heimdall and ask him to go for a walk with her outside. She will share more of her past with Lloyd, prompting him to wonder where he was born. Raine suggests asking Kratos, but Lloyd expresses reluctance in talking to him about it. They continue to discuss Kratos' actions before Raine offers to accompany Lloyd to his hometown should he ever find out about his roots. Lloyd agrees, and also states his intention of journeying around the world to collect the remaining Exspheres. At the end of the conversation, they both decide to travel together once the world is reunited, and head back to their respective cabins.

The next day, after Lloyd defeats Kratos in the Torent Forest, Raine will either join Lloyd on his journey to Derris-Kharlan to rescue his kidnapped friend, or break Mithos's hold on Lloyd and be kidnapped herself, depending on her affection levels by this point in the story. If Raine is abducted by Mithos, Lloyd eventually arrives on Derris-Kharlan and rescues her, wherein Raine once again expresses her growing attraction towards Lloyd before continuing on to Welgaia to search for their missing friends. If Raine is not abducted by Mithos, she will appear again in Welgaia, where she confronts her resentment toward her mother before rejoining Lloyd.

Raine Sage (ToLink)

Artwork for Tales of Link.

She notes that he came to save them rather than head directly to confront Mithos when they all disappeared. This scene may assume that Raine visiting her mother did not take place before she went to Welgaia, although the group must go to Exire before traveling to Welgaia for the first time to trigger the scene. Virginia is labeled as "Mother", and Raine refers to her as "a mother who was too weak to stand up against the world's hatred" regardless of whether or not the party has met Virginia. In the end, she travels around the world with Genis to help half-elves gain acceptance, but knowing that Iselia is their home. If Raine is chosen in Flanoir, she also journeys with Lloyd to collect the remaining Exspheres and search for his hometown, and it is revealed in Dawn of the New World that they began dating during this period.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World[]

Raine reappears in the sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World as a playable character. After the prequel, she and her brother began to journey around the world to make it easier for half-elves to be accepted and, if she was picked in Flanoir in the prequel, also traveled with Lloyd in search of his hometown and the remaining Exspheres. In this story, Raine is worried about Lloyd's whereabouts, so she and Genis separate to track him down. Emil Castagnier and Marta Lualdi first meet Raine Sage at the Martel Temple after the two talk to Dirk. She asks them if they had seen her student Paul from the village, to which the two reply saying he went to the Iselia Human Ranch. She departs shortly afterward to search for the young child. After Emil and Marta entered the ranch themselves, they find themselves ambushed by a hostile creature when Raine arrives on time to attack the monster, giving the two the chance to recover and engage the enemy. After the battle she goes to Paul and spanks him for not listening to the rules, before formally introducing herself to the party.

After returning to the village, she tells the two to wait at the school while she returns Paul to his home. At the school, Raine explains Paul and Lloyd's history and what happened between Lloyd and Paul's mother, Lilia. After listening to Emil and Marta's explanation of Lloyd's involvement in Palmacosta, Raine joins on their quest to find Lloyd and demand an explanation of what he hopes to achieve. Raine accompanies them to the Triet Ruins where she goes fanatical over how badly the area is damaged. Inside the dungeon, she is reunited with Genis, and the group goes into the further areas of the ruins. There there the four find Ignis's core, and Raine resumes her fanatical mannerisms while Marta unseals the core. After Lloyd arrives and threatens to attack them, Genis is shocked when she starts to question Lloyd, but Lloyd refuses to answer her demands and leaves the area.

After these events, Raine continues to travel with the group to Izoold. There, she and the others find Regal imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. The group tries to arrange for his freedom, setting out for the Camberto Caves to help clear his name. Along the way, Raine explains all of Lloyd's beliefs during the Journey of Regeneration. Upon returning to Izoold, Regal is freed from his imprisonment, and he joins the party as they leave for Flanoir. However, Raine postpones her journey with the group here, giving Regal a letter which is wrongly assumed by Marta to be a love letter. In reality, the letter is a private message to Regal, explaining her theories about Emil's true memories and past life.

Raine departs with Genis to search for Lloyd separately. She encounters Emil and Marta's group again at the Temple of Ice, but their reunion is cut short when Raine and Genis continue to search for Lloyd on their own. After Emil and Marta meet with Presea much later in the story, Genis and Raine agree to rejoin the party as they make their way to Altamira following its takeover by the Vanguard. Raine, Presea, and Genis take a separate path through the main building of the Vanguard's headquarters, while Emil and Marta take another path to the top. Both groups are reunited shortly before they encounter the leader of the Vanguard, Brute Lualdi.

After the fight, she helps Brute by healing him while Marta takes the core from Decus. At the Tower of Salvation, she speaks to Yuan along with the rest of the party before they travel to the Martel Temple. If Raine is selected during the Iselia/Flanoir scene, Lloyd will reveal that he has been in a romantic relationship with her for the past two years, and that they will journey together once more when the current conflict is over. During Emil's final travel throughout all of Aselia, he finds Raine alone in Sybak. She explains how she feels that Emil is going to do something desperate to save the world. At the Ginnungagap, she is turned into stone with many of the other party members of the original Symphonia cast, but she is eventually freed by Emil.

Appearance and Personality[]

Raine Status (ToS)

Status image in Tales of Symphonia.

Raine has silver short hair, and eyes of the same color. She wears a white shirt with a Copperfield-orange coat, black pants and white shoes.

Raine's knowledge is even greater than that of Genis, and she is often seen correcting Lloyd, Genis, Colette, Emil, and Marta whenever they misbehave, often accompanied with a kick or slap. She is a horrifically bad cook, and supposedly cannot do laundry either, causing her to rely on Genis to do housework and cooking. Raine is a calm and calculating thinker. She is relatively pragmatic, and she tends to think of longer term consequences rather than the short term need to help someone. When Cacao is to be executed, she opposes intervening, because doing so would possibly result in the Desians attacking Palmacosta. She is also somewhat cautious, and is hesitant to help Sheena Fujibayashi in Luin, fearing that the assassin’s possible comrades will ambush the Chosen's group. Later, it is shown that Raine is generally distrusting of virtually everyone, which may be a result of the feelings of betrayal toward her mother and the general mistreatment she experienced as a half-elf.

Above all, Raine hates not being able to save people's lives, and will attempt anything to change that. When Governor-General Dorr dies after her attempts to save him with healing arts, she deeply regrets her failure. She is also completely and utterly obsessed with ruins and magitechnology, something Genis refers to as "Ruin-Mode". Whenever she sees a ruin, she loses her cool and calm state and becomes extremely fascinated by the slightest thing old or scientific. It is revealed later in the story that she was always looking for the Otherworldly Gate, the ruin at which she and Genis were abandoned, and which she subconsciously associated with going back home. However, even after finding the ruin she has been looking for, her obsession remains. In a skit when one character brings up the legend of an underwater ruin, she becomes fascinated with it, while another has her berate Zelos for breaking an ancient vase.

Fighting Style[]

Raine Cut-in (ToS-PS2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Symphonia (PS2).

Raine Cut-in (ToS-PS3)

Cut-in image for Tales of Symphonia (PS3).

Raine wields staves and specializes in healing and support magic, with limited offensive abilities. She has a high elemental defense and TP due to her high intelligence. When she first joins the party, she only knows the basic healing ability First Aid, but as she levels up, her healing spells grow progressively more powerful. Like all other playable characters in Tales of Symphonia, Raine's spells have variations depending on whether she is focused on the "Technical" or "Strike" branch of arte progression. "Technical" abilities focus on area-based healing, support, and damage effects, while "Strike" abilities focus on single allies and enemies with greater and more potent effects.

The central healer of the party, Raine is near vital to an effective team. Based on her "Technical" arte progression, she is able to learn Nurse, Healing Circle, and Revitalize; likewise, through her "Strike" arte progression, she learns Heal, Cure, and Revive. She is also capable of reviving fallen allies with the advanced spell Resurrection. Raine is the only playable character who uses support magic such as Barrier and Sharpness, as well as their similar advanced spells, Field Barrier and Acuteness, being "Technical"-based, and Permaguard and Keenness, being "Strike"-based. More importantly, she is one of the few who can deal Light-elemental damage without using elemental modifier effects; those methods being the mid-spell Photon and the advanced spells Ray or Holy Lance, "Technical"-based and "Strike"-based, respectively.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3[]

Raine appears in the first mission with the main protagonists, Julio Sven and Caro Orange. She guides them through the first mission by telling facts and tips about it and how to complete it.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology[]

Raine appears along with Genis and Lloyd in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology as a playable character, and her specialty is healing artes. She is classed as a Priest with the "Professor" title. She gives quests to the Protagonist in the Ailily chapter of the Ad Libitum guild.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2[]

Raine Cut-in (TotW-RM2)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

A version of Raine native to Granide appears as a party member. She is a young researcher and a member of the Nappage Village chapter of the Ad Libitum guild. Her job class is Teacher (教師 Kyoushi?), which is a unique version of the Priest job.

After Luke fon Fabre and his allies arrive on the Van Eltia, Jade Curtiss seeks Raine's expertise in Mana research, and sends both Guy Cecil and Tear Grants to Nappage Village to retrieve her.

Sometime later, she arrives on the Van Eltia with Lloyd, Zelos, and Colette. After speaking with Jade, she takes permanent residence aboard the ship.

After learning that Janis Kern's Ralva energy source will be used in a weapon demonstration, Raine, Genis and the Protagonist travel to the Perry Mines. In the mines, they witness multiple scholars and soldiers using the Ralva to create a weapon powerful enough to destroy the nearby mountain range. Devastated by the weapon's power, the group hurries back to the Van Eltia to report to Jade about the situation.

During the second visit to the mines she goes along with protagonist to find out if the can find any clues to the experiments going on. When they go further in they are forced to fight a monster guarding a research area, after defeating the monster they meet Janis, but before Raine can get any information out of him he runs off. Raine after is ordered by Jade to go with Kratos and Lloyd to find anymore information about who attack Asch.

Later, Raine goes to the tower in the middle of the ocean. There they are introduce to Niata a resident from the world of Pasca. Raine speaks to Niata about the world's current situation, but the conversation is cut short when Niata becomes unresponsive and shuts down. After certain event she sends the Protagonist, Kanonno, and Guy Cecil to the tower to revive Niata. After receiving the crystals from Janis in the mines, Raine along with Harold Berselius, Philia Felice, and Jade devise a way to use them with antennas they made to erase the negative energy made from Goede. After the antennas are place in their designated areas, Raine and they others attempt to erase the negative energy, but this back fires and causes Guede to reveal his hiding place the Negative Nest to them. After Guede is finally defeated, she is seen with the other Symphonia cast on the Van Eltia looking at the mana spreading across the world.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3[]

Raine Cut-in (TotR)

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Raine, along with Genis, appears in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 as a playable character. She and Genis are located in any of the Life Chambers in Almanac Ruins during the mission with Ruca Milda and Rutee Katrea.


Chibi Raine
  • Raine's strongest weapon is the "Crystal Rod", obtained from the coliseum.
  • The name of her Devil's Arm is "Heart of Chaos". When receiving her Devil's Arm from Koton at Hakonesia Peak, in exchange for an ancient crown, she mysteriously states the crown holds "too many memories".
  • Her gag weapon, purchasable from the completely rebuilt Luin, is the recurring "Deck Brush".
  • In the English-language files of Dawn of the New World, there exist voice files for the artes Heal and Fairy Circle, both of which Raine does not have access to in the final version of the game.