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Raintive Orion (ToD PS2)

Raintive Orion as it appears in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny.

Raintive Orion (レインティブ・オリオン Reintibu Orion?) is one of the three universal Blast Calibers exclusive to the PlayStation 2 and Director's Cut versions of Tales of Destiny.

Arte Description and History[]

When executed, the screen shifts dramatically, focusing on the target while a large glyph appears beneath them, engulfing the battlefield. The glyph flashes red and green while striking the target for heavy damage before a beam fires upward from the center of the glyph and disperses in the sky, raining down repeatedly for additional damage.

In order to perform Raintive Orion, the player must be on their second playthrough or later. However, it is possible to execute the move on the first playthrough if a Clear Game save file is present on the memory card. In addition, the Blast Gauge must be filled to Level 2 or above and a combo of at least 100 hits must be performed prior to activating through pressing the Attack and Artes buttons.

All playable characters have access to the move. Lilith Aileron can only use it when a Narikiri Lilith (なりきりリリス?) accessory is equipped to another character with access to the second level of the Blast Gauge, as she herself has only one level. Kronos is also capable of performing Raintive Orion if Barbatos Goetia has been defeated in the Arcana Ruins prior. Kronos will execute the move as a counter to Heal, or Indignation in the Director's Cut version. For playable characters, Raintive Orion must be executed in order for Surviving Hollin and Celestial Earth to be triggered.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Destiny (PS2) + Director's Cut[]

User: Stahn Aileron

Japanese Quote:

Stahn: うおおおお!やってやるぜ!
Dymlos: さあ、行くぞ!
Stahn: おりゃりゃりゃりゃりゃりゃぁ!

User: Rutee Katrea

Japanese Quote:

Rutee: 本気にさせたわね!
Atwight: 我に奇跡を…
Rutee: 派手に行くわよ!飲み込め!

User: Leon Magnus

Japanese Quote:

Leon: いきみなるな!一気にケリをつけるぞ!
Chaltier: 砕け!
Leon: 消えてしまえ!

User: Philia Felice

Japanese Quote:

Philia: 許しませんっ!天罰です!
Clemente: 一気に決める!
Philia: 逃がさん!

User: Garr Kelvin

Japanese Quote:

Garr: 見せてやろう!任せたまえ!
Igtenos: 一気に決める!
Garr: 逃がさん!

User: Mary Argent
Japanese Quote: しぶといねぇ!受けてみな!てやっ!オラオラァ!

User: Chelsea Torn
Japanese Quote: ここです!これでどうだ!波状攻撃!

User: Bruiser Khang
Japanese Quote: 今だぜ!うらぁぁ!食らいやがれ!これで仕舞いだ!

User: Karyl Sheeden
Japanese Quote: ついてこれるか?任せろ!お~れのたぁ~ましぃ~をき~けぇ~

User: Lilith Aileron
Japanese Quote: それはそれとして~☆ まったくもう!どうしよう!?じゃまじゃま!

User: Miktran Excessive
Japanese Quote: 消え去れぇ!目障りだ!砕け散れぇ!死ね死ね死ね死ね死ねぇぇぇぇ!!