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Ranzo Fujibayashi
Ranzo Sprite (ToP PSX).png
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Hometown Ninja Village
Race Human
Occupation Chief of Ninja Village

Ranzo Fujibayashi (藤林 ランゾ Fujibayashi Ranzo?) is a character from Tales of Phantasia. He is the incumbent Chief of the Ninja Village, a town deeply secluded in Treantwood. His granddaughter, Suzu Fujibayashi, will become the next chief of the village upon his death.


When Cress Albane and his companions rescued Suzu from blackmailed ninjas in Volt's Cave, Suzu quickly ran away from sight. However, they eventually found her in Treantwood, guarding the secret entrance to the Ninja Village. She then led them to Ranzo's house, where she also lived. After a series of booby traps set against any intruder, including Cress falling out of the house and into the pond outside, unintentionally towards the unwary guests, Ranzo apologized for the mischief, scolding Suzu in the process. After the guests have finished relaxing at the hot springs inside the house, Ranzo asked them a favor. This favor was actually to find Suzu's parents, who had gone missing for some time, and told them that the couple were last seen in Euclid.

At Euclid, Cress entered the tournament held at the city's castle. After defeating an onslaught of enemies, Suzu's parents, Dozo and Okiyo, appeared out of nowhere. Reluctantly Cress defeated them, only to find out that they were merely illusions of the couple. The real couple then appeared but before Cress could make a move, Suzu intervened. To her horror, she found out they were brainwashed by Dhaos's minions. At that same moment however, her parents stabbed each other due to the lingering effects of the brainwashing, leading to their deaths. Suzu was able to listen to the last words of the parents, and when they finally lost their breaths, she went back to the village.

At the village, Ranzo thanked the party for their efforts in finding Suzu's parents, and asked another favor. This time it was about letting Suzu join the party in their quest to defeat Dhaos once and for all. As the party was leaving, Ranzo rewarded Cress by giving a "Secret Skill" book and the "Muramasa" to him.

Appearance and Personality

Ranzo is a very responsible leader. His excellent leadership skills have managed to keep the Japoni Clan stand united in all aspects of life. He is strict at all times, and often gets angry when anyone from the clan does not follow his orders carefully. But he can also be considerate and sometimes lenient.