Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Eternia
World Inferia
Region Southwestern Continent

Rasheans (ラシュアン Rashuan?), the Far Away Village, is a small rural village in Tales of Eternia. It is located in the world of Inferia and is the hometown of the protagonists Reid Hershel, Farah Oersted, and Keele Zeibel.


Rasheans is a simple village full of hunters and farmers led by an elder. The game's plot begins here in a nearby forest, where Reid and Farah witness a strange object fall from the sky. The two venture through the forest to investigate only to find the crashed spacecraft and a strange girl who speaks an unknown language and is accompanied by a small blue creature. Reid and Farah decide to take Meredy to the village elder, who unexpectedly tells them they should send the girl away. Suddenly, a mysterious man bursts into the elder's home through a wall in search for the girl, forcing the trio into battle. The man is forced away, and Farah takes the initiative to leave the village with the girl in tow in order to find someone who can understand her. Reid reluctantly joins her in this quest.

Rasheans River

Rasheans River is a stream located near Rasheans. Its bank is framed by rock faces, which shape the rushing river that is difficult to navigate and not usable under normal circumstances. Reid, Farah, and Meredy seek to use the river to reach Mintche and visit Keele; however, a landslide has prevent such, so the Regulus Dojo students at the dock direct the trio to their master, who may know another way.

After a visit to the Dojo, the group returns to the river's pier and meets Paollo, a Dojo student who trained with Farah and is a Water Craymel mage. Using his abilities, he soothes the river and allows the trio to board a raft that will sail them down the river to Mintche. Using oars, a minigame ensues, in which the player must traverse the river while avoiding collisions with obstacles such as rocks jutting out from the water. This proves to be successful, and the trio presses onward.