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Raymond Oswell
Appearance Tales of Graces
Hometown Yu Liberte
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Hiro Yuuki
English Voice Actor Kaiji Tang[1]

Raymond Oswell (レイモン・オズウェル Reimon Ozuueru?, "Raymon Ozwell") is a minor antagonist-turned-supporting character in Tales of Graces. He is the nephew of Garret Oswell, and Hubert Oswell's adoptive cousin.


Raymond joins Hubert to save Lhant from Fendelian soldiers staging an attack. After banishing Hubert's brother Asbel Lhant from his own home, Hubert works to form an alliance between Lhant and Strahta as a means to combat the lack of cryas Strahta has been struggling with. Despite not having enough manpower to handle it, Hubert does not want to force Lhant into hard labor.

After Richard attacks Lhant, Hubert has Raymond and his soldiers make sure not to be caught off-guard again. When Raymond brings up the cryas situation, he accuses Hubert for prioritizing the locals over their superiors' orders. Afterward, President Dylan Paradine recalls Hubert back to Strahta to explain himself. When Raymond learns that Hubert gave Asbel a letter to rescind the recall, he becomes furious when the former says his duties to Strahta matter more than the matters of the Oswells. He kidnaps Cheria Barnes who was eavesdropping and tries to blackmail Asbel into handing over the letter, only for Hubert to threaten him for disobeying his direct superior. Desperate, Raymond stabs himself in the chest.

Raymond wakes up to find Cheria healing him, reminding him to think more often. Her actions end up for him developing feelings for her. But when he confesses to her, she turns him down. The ending credits show both Raymond and Bailey with their hearts broken as they watch Cheria with Asbel.


  • Raymond's name is first displayed as Aide until Hubert directly calls him by name.