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Razilda (ToR).png
Game Tales of Rebirth
World Calegia
Region Eastern Continent

Razilda, the City of Wind-dried Planks (乾いた風の街ラジルダ Kawaku ita Kaze no Machi Rajiruda?) is a village located on the western part of Calegia's eastern continent in Tales of Rebirth.



Razilda is a quiet rural town nestled in the region's forests. The nearby sea is named after the town, and Razilda Harbor sits to the southeast of the town, connected to it by a simple road. Razilda is divided between the Huma and Gajuma races, with Iga being the leader of the Huma residents and Fogma being the leader of the Gajuma residents. The town's flag is a representation of both Huma and Gajuma, as well as a somewhat-metaphorical map that leads to the "Power of Darkness", which the Huma hail as sacred and the Gajuma despise. Tension between the two races is high due to what is believed to be Geyorkias's impression and builds even after the impression is gone, leading to the annihilation of the town and presumably its residents near the end of the story.

Role in the Plot

The group ventures to Razilda in order to obtain a "Pill of Serenity" to pacify Eugene Gallardo's heart, as the pill is made from Belde grass familiar to the region, specifically the nearby Azure Coast. However, they are met with hostility when Iga discovers that the antidote is for a Gajuma and refuses to help them. Instead, they find Hilda Rhambling in the local inn, and she offers her assistance, rejoining the group in the process. The group ends up being successful in their search only due to Iga's son, who apologizes for his father's behavior.

It is also in Razilda where the group uncovers the truth of the Power of Darkness, eventually opening the path to the Shrine of Eephon as a result. Later, when tension in Razilda begins rising, Milhaust Selkirk appears at the village to settle the dispute between the two tribal leaders and places the village under the jurisdiction of the Calegian military, separating all Huma and Gajuma residents. However, this tensions ultimately becomes Razilda's downfall, as the impression builds enough to destroy the village entirely. In the game's credits, Razilda is pictured in the process of rebuilding, directed by Milhaust and Walto.