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Razing Phoenix as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Razing Phoenix (鳳凰天翔駆 Houou Tenshouku?, "Phoenix Heaven Soaring Drive"[1]) is an arte in the Tales series. Beginning as a mystic arte performed by Guy Cecil in Tales of the Abyss, it later became an arcane arte used by Ruca Milda in Tales of Innocence.

Arte Description and History

In its conception in Tales of the Abyss, Guy leaps into the air, wreathed in flame, carrying any nearby enemies with him. He then streaks toward the ground, again carrying them with him. A fonic glyph of flame appears underneath him, and he once again leaps into the air, this time surrounded by fiery energy in the shape of a phoenix, hitting the opponent repeatedly.

Ruca from Tales of Innocence also receives this attack as a powerful arcane arte, animated in much the same way as Guy's version, though simplified to enable its use during normal combos. When used in an aerial context, Ruca merely rises into the air while wrapped in flames shaped in the form of a phoenix.

Razing Phoenix appears at its designated mystic arte rank in each of Guy's appearances in later Crossover Titles and likewise with Ruca in its arcane form. This leads to a unique situation in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, in which both characters have the same attack at differing levels of damage output due to their differing status in each character's movelist. The same also occurs with Shouha Rekkousen in the same game.


Razing Phoenix used by Ruca Milda in Tales of Crestoria.

Original Titles

Cross-Over Titles


Fan-Translated Names

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes

Tales of the Abyss

Japanese Quote: 気高き紅蓮の炎よ!燃え尽くせ!鳳凰天翔駆!
Romanized Quote: Kidakaki guren no honoo yo! Moetsukuse! Houou Tenshouku!!
Localized Quote: "O noble conflagration, incinerate all! Razing Phoenix!"

Tales of Innocence

Japanese Description: 鳳凰のオーラをまとって上空へ攻撃する奥義

Tales of Innocence R

Japanese Quote: 燃えろ!鳳凰天翔駆!

Tale of the Rays

Japanese Description: 鳳凰の如く天高く空駆ける魔鏡技

Japanese Quote: 魔鏡技!負けられないんだ!鳳凰天翔駆!

Tales of Crestoria

User: Ruca Milda
Japanese Quote: 受けてみよ!鳳凰天翔駆!
Romanized Quote: Ukete miyo! Houou Tenshouku!
Translated Quote: "Try to parry this one! Houou Tenshouku!"

User: Guy Cecil
Japanese Quote: 気高き紅蓮の炎よ!燃え尽くせ!鳳凰天翔駆!
Localized Quote: "O noble conflagration... Incinerate all! Razing Phoenix!"


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