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Reala (ToD2)
Appearance Tales of Destiny 2
Age 16
Height 5'1" / 155 cm
Weight 90 lbs / 41 kg
Weapon Rod
Japanese Voice Actor Ryouka Yuzuki
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Reala (リアラ Riara?) is the heroine of Tales of Destiny 2 who suddenly appeared from within a giant Lens found in the Laguna Ruins. Reala has an ethereal quality about her, and she is surrounded by mystery. Her presence is the catalyst for Kyle Dunamis's adventure, as he chases after Reala in order to become the hero that she is searching for.


Creation and Mission[]

Reala Portrait

The goddess Fortuna, who is the most powerful deity in Destiny universe, deemed humanity to be weak and needed a means of salvation, to reach ultimate happiness. Thus, she created two egos which would reflect her powers and abilities, and they would have the mission to save the world in their own way. Elrane sought to remove human suffering by sheltering humankind from all bad things and removing emotions from their lives. On the other hand, Reala originally wanted a hero, someone who would be able to save humankind and ultimately lead them to happiness, though it ended up in a different way than she expected it.

Finding the True Hero[]

When she awoke, she met Kyle and Loni Dunamis. He deemed to be the hero that she was looking for, though she told him, quite harshly, that he was not. She embarked on a quest to find the real hero out there, so she traveled around the world finding the former heroes of the Belcrant incident. At first she wanted to speak to Rutee Katrea, but she was scared off by her rudeness. So she went to the Straylize Temple to find Philia Felice, where she was ambushed by Barbatos Goetia, who wanted to ruin Reala's plan by the orders of Elrane. Kyle, Loni, and Judas assist Philia, and then she asks Reala to go find Garr Kelvin with those companions, as Philia herself did not have the power to be the hero. Kyle, determined to be the hero, agreed and followed Reala. The four took a ship to Phandaria, but a monster attacked, so the ship started sinking. Reala used her powers to bring the ship to safety, to Lienea. After resting, they traveled to Phandaria.

While in Garr's castle, Reala realized that he was not the hero she was looking for, either. Afterward, Judas and Kyle argued, as they could only get a meeting with Kyle since he was Stahn Aileron's son, and Judas tells Kyle he will never be the hero like that. Kyle runs away and Reala follows him. She proposes to have a small date, and they talk about their goals. Kyle talks about his positive outlooks, while Reala simply can not see anything but a pessimist future. Though they had to stop their conversation as Elrane attacked Garr's castle, since he had such a large collection of Lens, and he was one of the heroes that had to be eliminated. With Kyle and the others they prevent Garr's death, but Elrane sends them ten years in the future.

Twisted Future[]

After being sent to the future, Kyle and Reala are separated from the others. And so they enter an altered world. Seeing the new Church of Atamoni, regarding humans with generic names and granting Lens-based wishes, Kyle gets angry and says this is too strange. A person inside the church, Nanaly Fletcher, deemed to know Loni and Judas's whereabouts. So the three of them embarked to Calvalese, Hope Town. While on the trip, Nanaly feels that Reala is burdening herself with a big responsibility, and that was due to her feeling guilty for driving everyone outside their time. While in Hope Town, and after meeting everyone, they plan to go to Fortuna's church ahead of Trash Mountain to use her power to return to their time. Reala seemed absent-minded though, and was thinking very deeply. Once they reach Fortuna's chamber, Reala asks for her power to return to Kyle's present timeline. Kyle points out that there is nothing to worry about as he will become the hero. Reala becomes furious at him and tells him that he will never be the hero she wants, and that the pendant never acknowledged him as one.

Conflicted Emotions[]

Due to her furious emotions, Reala thought rashly and brought everyone, including Nanaly, to the present timeline. Nanaly denied to return to her time and rather she wanted to help out a little more. Kyle is very serious and Reala feels guilty for what she said without thinking. As a result, after resting in Garr's castle, she loses all hope and heads straight to Elrane herself. After all, she did not find the hero she wanted after so long. Kyle and the others came to rescue her, to her surprise, and before Elrane could banish Reala, they stopped her. Afterward, Kyle hugged Reala and was very worried about her, but their conversation was interrupted by Reala's pendant which was shining, indicating Kyle has finally become the hero she was looking for. The heroes attack Elrane's Flying Dragon, but it ends up in a failure as there was some sort of self-destruction device, which dragged them into a parallel universe.

Parallel Timelines[]

Reala (ToAsteria)

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

In this parallel timeline, the heroes find themselves in a world where Dycroft won the Aeth'er Wars, and thanks to Elrane, everyone had enough Lens to live peaceful, sheltered lives. The hero of the war was Barbatos, along with Elrane. Kyle did not like this situation, he felt it was wrong people lived such sheltered lives, and he did not like a world where his parents did not even mean to exist, moreover it was wrong to meddle with the time as Elrane did, so they headed toward Elrane to stop her plans. Once they reached her, she revealed that Judas was actually Leon Magnus, the traitor of the heroes in the Belcrant incident.

Due to that stunt, she was able to put everyone but Reala to sleep. Elrane then reveals that she puts people in their "ideal worlds" in which through their happiness and prayers to Fortuna, they may be "ideally happy". Reala thinks otherwise and believes that that happiness is artificial, so she rescues everyone from their illusion worlds and head toward the past to fix the time. The heroes meet Harold Berselius in the War of Heaven and Earth's time. They assist her into winning the war, as it was meant to and fix the timeline. After Barbatos was defeated, he retreated to another time, and said he would fight everyone behold the Eye of Atamoni. Reala uses the Lens from the Swordians to head over that timeline, and they successfully defeat Barbatos, leading into their present timeline being completely fixed.

Egg of God[]

After strange events during the present timeline, Harold confirms that Elrane is trying to erase the timeline as it is, again. The only place she could be hidden was Nanaly's twisted future, in which Elrane was hidden beneath the chamber of Fortuna. Before heading to that timeline, Reala makes Kyle promise to defeat Elrane no matter what happens. Kyle, without doubt agrees. After catching up with Elrane, she mentions how this timeline is useless and she needs to start from zero. She would use the power of Fortuna to drive the meteor in which Lens were first found into the present timeline, crushing everyone.

Reala later reveals that Reala is just a creation of Fortuna, and if Kyle was so eager to protect his timeline, he had to erase not only Fortuna, but Reala altogether, as they are tied together. After some thinking, Kyle comes into the conclusion that he has to do his best and that somehow Reala will come back as they are bounded by something stronger. Reala faces Elrane, and later Fortuna, Reala realizes that humans need to suffer in order to also learn happiness. She comes to the conclusion they do not need a god to save them, and believes in this so strongly that she is willing to die for it. Reala tells Fortuna that she gained this understanding of the world through meeting Kyle.

Death and Rebirth[]

In order to free the world from the hold of the goddess, Kyle destroyed the Lens that is the goddess's life, which in turn destroys Reala. Due to Fortuna's energy being removed, her involvement with the times starts to fix itself. And as so, everyone forgets what happened, just as if nothing ever happened. In the fixed timeline, a skit can be activated in which Loni asks Kyle if his new journey involved finding a girl, and Kyle remarks that he feels like his heart already belongs to someone, but he does not know who. Loni and Kyle then go to the Laguna Ruins, where Kyle feels like a voice is calling out to him, and Loni waits while he goes to look. Returning to the place where he first met Reala, Reala appears again obviously recognizing Kyle. Kyle says her name, which shows that he remembers her as well. Then Reala jumps into Kyle's arms, marking the end of the story.

Appearance and Personality[]

Reala Status (ToD2)

Status image in Tales of Destiny 2.

Reala is a small, frail-looking girl with porcelain-white skin, dark brown eyes, and short brown hair, ornamented with three orbs that vary from pink to purple. Her doll-like appearance is paired with playful, childlike attire consisting of a pink ruffled dress, long white stockings, and red slippers with decorative bows. A black material is fastened at the waist of her dress, and a long red ribbon is tied in a bow at her back, trailing into long strands. She wears a red-ribboned choker around her neck that carries a Lens-like ornament.

Reala's personality is generally cheerful and inquisitive, but she also displays an overdeveloped sense of responsibility at times and tends to strike out on her own, trying to take matters into her own hands. She respects Kyle's enthusiasm through his adventure since she lacks this herself, as she notes that she is unable to see the future in the optimistic way Kyle does. During the progress of the story, it is shown that she is highly pessimistic about her own powers and goals, though she hides it behind a cheerful mood. She quickly develops feelings for Kyle, even more so after he becomes her "hero", and it is ultimately their love that allows them the resolution to remove Fortuna from their world and end her influence.

Fighting Style[]

Reala Cut-in (ToD2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2 (PS2).

Reala Cut-in (ToD2)

Cut-in image for Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP).

In combat, Reala fights using a rod. She is primarily an elemental spellcaster who has access to all spells and extensions associated with the standard elements of Water, Fire, Wind, and Earth. Similar to Harold, Reala also has access to a few physical attacks that allow her to deal melee damage and drain enemy HP to share with her allies. While both of them are dedicated mages with very little physical ability, Reala stands alone as the only character to obtain a resurrection spell, Raise Dead. Also, she is the only character to obtain the Action Enchant "SP Share", which is vital for advanced combos and forcing mystic arte activations without the need for Spirit Blaster Mode.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3[]

Along with the rest of the cast in Tales of Destiny 2, Reala appears as an playable character in Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2[]

Reala Cut-in (TotW-RM2)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

Along with Kyle, Harold, and Nanaly, Reala represents the Tales of Destiny 2 cast in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2 as a playable character.

Tales of Graces[]

Reala Cut-in (ToG)

Cut-in image for Tales of Graces.

Along with Amber Hearts and Veigue Lungberg, Reala acts as one of the cameo characters in the game. Instead of fighting with her large repertoire of spells, she engages the party mostly with physical artes. She first appears as the ninth boss in the Zhonecage, where she tells the party that she is looking for her hero. In order to fight along with the other Tales characters, the player must turn in the "Hero's Staff" to the request area at Warrior's Roost. During her second appearance, when she is fought alongside Veigue and Amber, she wields the "Hero's Staff", which is a rod with an ornament shaped like a morphed version of Kyle's head. Her Blast Caliber is Grand Cataclysm.

Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave[]

Reala, along with Kyle, appears as a playable character. She is unlocked for use upon completing Kyle's serious scenario. Reala mainly serves as the guardian of the Eternal Sword. At the beginning of Kyle's serious scenario, Elrane tries to persuade Reala to hand over the Eternal Sword, but Reala refuses, waiting for her "hero". Afterward, she meets Kyle, the son of the hero Stahn. Working together, they manage to repel Elrane. Heading back to the ruins where the Eternal Sword is kept, they find Cress Albane and Chester Burklight, who are trying to get the Eternal Sword to prevent the disaster that destroyed their home village.

Nonetheless, they manage to stop Cress and Chester, and Reala explains to them that the Eternal Sword is no longer its former self. Kyle and Reala learn from Cress that Stahn apparently does not have a son. Kyle and Reala, wanting to clarify this, head to the capital, where Leon Magnus, a close comrade of Stahn, does not recognize Kyle and suspects them as enemies. Heading deeper through the capital, they manage to meet Stahn, but Stahn himself is unable to recognize Kyle. After defeating Stahn and Leon, Elrane briefly appears and tells Kyle and Reala that she has altered Stahn's life, and thus Kyle's existence will be erased slowly.

They chase Elrane down, though their progress is hampered when they are branded as enemies in the capital and have to fight their way out. After they successfully defeat Elrane, Kyle's existence ends, and he vanishes. Reala tearfully says farewell and prepares to leave. Before she leaves, however, a blue glow catches her attention, and she looks at it as it dissipates, revealing Kyle. She gasps out in surprise and wonders why he exists, and Kyle reminds her that he is her "hero". Reala jumps into his arms, ending the serious scenario. In the comical scenario, Reala wants to learn more about the other heroes, and Kyle accompanies her as she visits pairs of heroes to learn about them.

Tales of Asteria[]

Star Fragments[]

In Tales of Asteria, Reala is travelling with Kyle, Judas, and Sophie, intent on undoing the damage of the war, by traveling to the past, and preventing king Richard from obtaining the Star Fragments.

Kyle and Reala are next seen in Inir, having been split from Judas who previously spoke of the blastia in a local facility that was supposedly causing the residents to fall sick.

Tales of Crestoria[]

Reala Cut-in (TotR)

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Reala appears in Tales of Crestoria during the limited quest "Suspense! Tales of Disbelief". Reala is looking for a "hero" when she encounters Shirley Fennes and Meredy in a forest, the latter having crashed her ship beyond repair. The two girls being not who she is looking for, she leaves. Reala is next seen being confronted by a villager about a recent shockwave. To prevent things from spiraling out of control, Shirley lies and says that the girls are here for a visit, before taking them to her house to helps pack supplies for their journeys. When people discover Meredy's crashed ship that caused the shockwave, Meredy insists that they cannot know what is in it. Since the ship can no longer fly, they manage to destroy it before it can be examined further. With that done, Shirley sees Reala and Meredy off.



Chibi Reala

Chibi artwork.

  • In her crossover appearances, Reala uses the "Lyric Scepter" as her default weapon
    • In Tales of Graces, Reala uses the "Que Sera Sera" as her weapon in battle.