Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Height Human
Occupation Queen of Medagal
Japanese Voice Actor Yuki Kaneko

Rebecca (レベッカ Rebekka?) is the queen of Medagal, as well as a side character in Tales of Crestoria.


Before becoming queen, Rebecca grew up on a farm. When King Gadel proposed to her, Rebecca believed that this was the perfect chance to escape the common life. However, she quickly discovered that Gadel only saw her as property and found herself living a life worse than that of a farmer. Despite suffering the life of a prisoner, Rebecca found solace in confiding in Commander Aegis Alver, who thought it was his duty to comfort her. Over time, Rebecca fell in love with Aegis, and assumed he felt the same way.

Rebecca finds an opportunity to escape Gadel's clutches when Kanata Hjuger and Misella are trying to escape the capital. She asks them to escort her out of Medagal through an old tunnel infested with monsters. The transgressors accept her request and protect Rebecca from the monsters as she leads them out. Aegis follows behind them and asks Rebecca to return, but she refuses, revealing her feelings for Aegis. Overhearing this, Gadel accuses Aegis of seducing Rebecca and orders his men to kill her. As she lies dying, Rebecca asks Aegis to tell her that he loves her, even if it is a lie, which Aegis is unable to do before she draws her last breath. Following her death, Gadel frames Aegis for killing her, convincing the people that Aegis murdered her when he was unable to escape with her and causing him to be labeled a transgressor.

Appearance and Personality

Rebecca has purple eyes and reddish-brown hair. She wears a golden tiara decorated with a ruby in the center, a purple dress with a yellow-crossed corset on the outside, and white gloves. Her vision orb can be seen on her large bead necklace. Rebecca is shown to be desperate and somewhat unlucky, willing to take any risk to avoid the cons she currently faces, only for her to end up in a worse situation than before.