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A Reborn (転生者 Tenseisha?, "Reincarnated Person") is a term in Tales of Innocence used to refer to those who are reincarnations of the deities from Devaloka. Near the beginning of the story, the term Fallen One (異能者 Inousha?, "Unknown Ability Person"), or simply Fallen, is used to identify these people.


An awakened Reborn possess abilities that set them apart from ordinary humans. It is because of this fact that a detainment law regarding the public's safety is issued for Reborn, although this is later revealed to be a plot conceived by Arca and its leader, Mathias. Due to the abilities Reborn posses, they are used as weapons of war, either through direct combat or powering combat machines. Ruca Milda, Illia Animi, and Spada Belforma fall victim to the first of these examples, while Ange Serena and Gardle become subject to the latter. Reborn typically have dreams or visions recalling events in their past lives. In many cases, Reborn are affected by their past lives's actions, thoughts, or emotions, resulting in past betrayals or love affairs that venture into present lives.

Each of the game's protagonists shares a correlation with an antagonist due to their former lives:

List of Reborn


  1. It is not revealed until later in the story that Gardle is not a Reborn, being Thanatos himself and having never reincarnated.