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Regulus (ToE).png
Appearance Tales of Eternia
Race Inferian

Regulus (レグルス Regurusu?) is a historical figure in Tales of Eternia, as well as an optional boss within Nereid's Labyrinth.



Regulus is rumored to have sacrificed himself to save the world. A bronze statue built in honor of him lies within the forest near Rasheans, and both Regulus Knoll and the Regulus Dojo are named after him; in the latter, his fighting style is taught. Regulus was susceptible to the Fibrill of the Dark Aurora and became the bearer of Nereid at some point in time, Nereid having been sealed within Regulus Knoll 2,000 years ago by Seyfert. Although his exact cause of death is never stated, Regulus is hailed as a hero in the world of Inferia for having given his life for the sake of humanity, though these circumstances are never elaborated upon.

Role in the Plot

In reality, Regulus sacrificed himself but has not died yet; rather, he is an optional boss found on the last level of the game's EX Dungeon, the Labyrinth of Nereid. There he sits enthroned, awaiting the heroes, whom he tacitly engages in combat, being both accompanied and possessed by Nereid. If the heroes manage to subdue Regulus, Nereid will not fight for a lost body and instead leave his host, the Fibrill rising from Regulus upon his defeat. This results in Regulus's true death, though any sort of consciousness would have vanished ages prior. His corpse then dissolves, leaving the group lamenting the Inferian hero and his historical sacrifice.

Fighting Style

Nereid Regulus (ToE).gif

Regulus's fighting style is largely similar to that of Farah Oersted, herself being a student of the Regulus Dojo that passes on his techniques. He fights mostly in close combat with powerful kicks and punches, being of average speed. He also yields the Fire-elemental Craymel Arte, Explode.